Art Journal–my 2018 goal

This year I intend to figure out how to art journal.  It looks deceptively simple, but I am finding out that it entails much more than I ever thought.  I am struggling with the concept and the actual doing.  However, with as many groups on FB and all the videos on YouTube, I am sure that I will figure this out.  In the meantime, I am just having fun drawing and painting in my journal with no specific plan or endgame.

Here are some of the spreads so far:

Art Journal

Maybe I will finally get this figured out and actually feel like I am making an art journal.  Maybe not.  Who knows.

I have also been doing a drawing a day (almost) to get myself back into practice and to build my creativity.  I used to love to draw, but then I stopped and never picked it up again.  I decided to draw something daily (maybe) and not to worry about if it turns out perfect, or if I like it.  I just want to be drawing.  Here are a few of my latest pages:

Art Journal

I am having quite a lot of fun with this drawing practice, though.  The only other creative thing I have been doing is making cards with my oldest daughter.  So you can see that I am keeping busy.

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