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Secrets of Multilevel Marketing’s Top Sellers

Search AmazonProduct SearchYou may or may not know that one of my businesses is a network marketing business. This article, “Secrets of Multilevel Marketing’s Top Sellers” is just a quick look into some of the people who have succeeded in … Continue reading

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Changing things up around here!

Search AmazonProduct SearchWell, I have decided that I need to be changing things up around here, again.  Now that my daughter is through her ordeal and I have returned to life as I remember it before she became so ill, … Continue reading

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My newest effort at painting

Search AmazonProduct SearchAfter my last post, I made myself promise to get in there and paint!  So today I spent some time in there working on a picture.  Just playing around, but I was painting!  My newest effort at painting … Continue reading

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Trouble finding time for painting?

Search AmazonProduct SearchSince I have finally gotten back home and now have time to do the things I want to do, I am having trouble finding time for painting!  I have eight months of tasks that have backed up and … Continue reading

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Here’s more to Carly’s story!

Search AmazonProduct SearchOk, where was I.  I think I left off when Carly’s story was her almost bleeding out and dying.  Glad that is over and done with!  She recovered, thank God!  If you remember, before they sent her to … Continue reading

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New artwork from me…

Search AmazonProduct SearchI am still somewhat raw from yesterday’s post, so today I thought I would post new artwork from me.  As I said in an earlier post, I am still struggling to get back into practice of doing new … Continue reading

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Hopefully, the end of Carly’s health Saga!

Search AmazonProduct SearchOk, I am now ready to finish my youngest daughter, Carly’s health saga.  I had to go back and read the last few entries so I would know where to pick up the story.  I have thought about … Continue reading

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Doodling in a sketchbook

Search AmazonProduct SearchToday I have been doodling in my sketchbook.  I know I said that I would post today about the end of the saga with my daughter, and I will post it, just not today.  I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Getting back into painting

Search AmazonProduct SearchI am having a hard time getting back into painting, drawing and such.  After two and a half years of taking care of my daughter, I now find myself with time to do the things I want to … Continue reading

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Artist’s hacks Video

Search AmazonProduct SearchHere is a you tube video with cool hacks you need to know if you are an artist or just aspire to be one.  Some are self evident, but some are pretty neat.  

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