10 Frankenstein crafts and recipes

To begin our celebration of all things Halloween and to share some of the wonderful ideas to be found online, here are 10 Frankenstein crafts and recipes for your perusal.  I always think about Frankenstein as Halloween approaches, I don’t know why.  Maybe it is when I first saw the old black and white movie with Boris Karloff, who knows?  But, since I am getting in the “spooky” mood, I have rounded up 10 really cute crafts to do with your kids (or not) that all are about celebrating the Frankenstein monster!

  1.  Frankenstein cookies — brought to you from Munchkinmunchies
    Frankenstein cookies

    Click the picture to go to the recipe and instructions.

    Don’t these cookies look great?  I think they are very creative and fun and I bet kids will love them!

  2. Frankenstein treat bags — brought to you from Cleanandscentsible
    Frankenstein treat bags

    Click the picture to go to the tutorial

    I can see even the smallest child having a great time making one of these for Halloween!

  3. Frankenstein Sun Catcher — brought to you by Fromabctoacts
    Frankenstein sun catcher

    Click the picture to go to the tutorial

    I think I might have to make this craft for myself.  It is soooooo cute and I could put it on my front window for Halloween.

  4. Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops — brought to you by Justataste
    Frankenstein marshmallow pops

    Click the picture to go to the instructions and recipe.

    These are just simply the cutest thing I have ever seen.  I don’t know if I have the patience to make these, but I might try to make some for church this year.

  5. Popsicle Stick Frankenstein craft — brought to you by ThisgirlslifeblogWhat child doesn’t like making things with popsicle sticks?  I think he is adorable and this craft is fun for small children as well as big ones.
    Popsicle stick frankenstein craft

    Click the picture to go to the tutorial


  6. Frankenstein juice boxes — brought to you by Consumercrafts
    Frankenstein juice boxes

    Click the picture to go to the tutorial

    Wouldn’t these make cute refreshments at a child’s Halloween party?  The instructions are super simple and look really easy.

  7.  Frankenstein mask — brought to you by Supermommy
    Frankenstein mask

    Click the picture to go to the tutorial

    I just had to include this one for the little people who want to celebrate the season!  What toddler would not love to have this in his/her hand to scare you with?

  8. Frankenstein luminaries — brought to you by Craftsbyamanda
    Frankenstein luminaries

    Click the picture to be taken to the tutorial

    Can’t you see a line of these on your walk up to the door?  Kids of all ages will enjoy making and lighting these cute little fellows.

  9. Paper Roll Frankenstein  — brought to you by Seevanessacraft
    frankenstein paper rolls

    Click the picture to go to the turorial

    It seems there is nothing you cannot make using the poor unsung toilet paper roll!  All the necessary items to make this cute monster should be already in your home so why not make a few of these with the kids?

  10. Frankenstein Sugar Cookies  — brought to you by Craftcreatecook
    Frankenstein sugar cookies

    Click the picture to go to the instructions and recipe

    Since I started with cookies, I thought I would end with cookies.  I love how easy sugar cookies are to make and these are not only delicious but “spooky”!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I also hope you found some inspiration to get started with your Halloween planning!

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