3D Star Wreath with tutorial

Today I get to talk about what I have been doing in the art room!  I am so excited to share with you!  I promised my daughter a long time ago that I would make her a 3D star wreath just like mine.

my wreath

3D star wreath

So, this time, I took pictures along the way to try to show you how easy and fun this is to make.  And the best thing is it costs nothing because you use what you already have to make it!

3D Star Wreath Tutorial

Cut a base for your wreath out of  cardboard.  Not heavy mailing box cardboard, but a bit lighter.  I used the cardboard on the back of an old desk calendar to make this one and it is perfect.  You will be limited only by the size of your cardboard, so this one is smaller than mine.

3D star wreath

Cut a cardboard base for your wreath

Next, you will need to cut out as many stars as you will need to completely cover the base you just made.  I found a template here.  I cut out 24 stars using manilla folders because I did not have a stash of usable cardboard.  The kind you need comes out of your pantry–  old cereal boxes, macaroni and cheese boxes, protein bar boxes, etc. are the best to use and usually quite handy.  Unfortunately for me, I had just cleaned out my pantry and had no cardboard available, so I improvised!

Using the template, cut out your stars

Since manilla folder material is pretty thin, I used  gesso to coat both sides then I painted each star with acrylic paint.  It helps to give the stars some heft and makes them more bendable in the long run!

3D star wreath

Paint your stars on both sides with acrylic paint

After using cute rubber stamps on each star for decoration, it was time to score and fold each of them.  This is not the most fun thing to be doing, but it goes quickly and is very satisfying to see your stack of stars grow.  (Next time, I will score and fold before I paint because I think it will be easier.)

3D star wreath

Score and bend each star

Once done with that task, I sealed them with gel medium.  This step helps to make the stars more stable and will keep them from wilting over time. I had gel medium on hand anyway.  If you don’t, you can skip this.

3D star wreath

Coat each star with gel medium

Halfway through this project, I remembered that I had made these stars before when I promised my daughter.  So I tore my craft room apart until I found them!  These are heavier and just a little bit larger than my manilla folder stars, so I decided to combine them for strength.  You can skip this step since you won’t have a supply stuck somewhere in your stash!

3D star wreath

Glue the stars together for strength–this step can be skipped

Since my first batch of stars were all painted white with gesso, and the edges peeked out from under my new stars, I decided to add glitter to the edges of the bottom stars for a little bling.  You can skip this step, too, if glitter isn’t your thing.  My daughter specifically asked for glitter.

3D star wreath

Add glitter at this point if you are going to do so

I let them dry overnight to be sure that they wouldn’t drop glitter all over me, but they did anyway.  I forgot how messy glitter can be.

3D star wreath

Be sure to let them dry totally before moving on

Finally, I glued each star with hot glue to the base, overlapping as needed.  I ended up with three extra stars, so I added them as dangles.  My daughter really loves this wreath!

3D star wreath

The finished project

Surprise!!! I made a second one because my sister wanted one to hang on her bedroom door.  It went really quickly and turned out quite nicely, even if I do say so myself.  My sister loves her new wreath!

3D star wreath

My sister’s wreath

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