7 Simple Steps to Developing Creativity in Your Life

So another Thursday and a chance to talk to you about developing creativity.  I found this short article about 7 simple steps to developing creativity in your life at HuffingtonPost.com and decided I would share it here.  If you read this article, you may think that his answers are superficial or just too easy, but if you reflect on what he is saying you will see that these 7 simple steps can and will help you develop your own creativity over time.

There are good and bad things to be said about being “creative” in today’s world.  Some will say that a creative person has their head in the clouds and does not understand the real world.  Some will say that the creative person is ahead of his time and is thus a game-changer for everyone.  Neither one is right or wrong.  Being a creative person is just keeping your eyes and ears open to new things, being willing to learn, being curious about how things go together, and having child-like imagination.

I hope you read this article and then reflect on each step and the benefit that step could bring into your life.  We all could use help in some area of our lives and this is just one person’s attempt to help us in developing creativity.

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7 Simple Steps to Developing Creativity in Your Life

“Innovation is often given complex definitions. We prefer the simple one: ‘New Ideas that Work.’” — Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of the National Endowment for Science Technology and Arts

Do you think you are a creative person? If yes, you should know most people never benefit from being creative. True creative people have a developed ability to use and observe all of their resources, senses, and knowledge to help them succeed. So take the time to “sharpen your blade,” because there is a long road ahead.

There are two hindrances that can stop your creativity. They are your external and internal barriers. Things that limit your imagination or inspiration are internal barriers and examples of external obstacles are weak expression or presentation skills.

This article includes some simple steps to increase your creativity. So, let’s begin!

Steps to Develop Creativity

1. Stop depending on others.

Start learning to use your own resources. Look around for what you do have and how you can make the best use of those resources. This will be a little tough in the beginning, but with time, you will adjust.

This doesn’t mean you will be alone and that you may disobey superiors. This just means you can build a learning capacity — learning from others. It means making proper interactions and creating your own resources.

2. Dream, think, and create.

You have to believe you have an amazing mind full of thoughts and ideas. You need to express them. Tell them to others and see what they say. …Read the rest of this article here.

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