Amazon Affiliate Website: The Ultimate Guide & 17 PROFITABLE Examples

On Sunday, I post about business.  I wanted to post this article from Niche Site Project about starting an Amazon affiliate website.  I know many people who have thought about doing this but don’t because they don’t know how.

I like this article in particular because the author starts at the very beginning and then takes the reader step by step through the process.  He does not leave anything to chance.  I know there are a myriad of articles online about starting a niche site, but my experience has been that they either start in the middle (so you don’t have the ground laid out yet) or they skip around and somehow you miss steps that are vital to your site’s success.

I hope you take the time to really read and study this article because if you can master what he is saying, you will definitely master making an Amazon affiliate website.   Won’t you let me know if this was helpful to you and if you put up a website, let me know about that too, please.


Amazon Affiliate Website: The Ultimate Guide & 17 PROFITABLE Examples

UPDATED: May 9, 2017

NSP-process-Header-575W.jpegHow to Build a Profitable Amazon Affiliate Website

This is the roadmap that you have been looking for…

This resource is for people that are new to Niche Site Project – and even for the long time veterans out there that don’t know where to find all the outstanding content. It’s divided into TWO main sections:

  1. The Niche Site Process – A 7 Step Guide for building a successful Amazon Affiliate site, keep scrolling…
  2. Amazon Affiliate Website Examples (Click here to see the examples)- Complete with traffic and keyword data

This is the Definitive Guide to Create Successful Amazon Niche Sites

It’s a roadmap of sorts that will help you navigate your way to a Niche Site. (See some examples of Amazon Affiliate sites here to get in the mood…)

There is a ridiculous amount of information out there about niche sites. A lot of it is really old and out of date. This page is up to date and I take the time to make changes as time goes on and things change. (I actually got started by following Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel – the first one – a full 3 years after it started! Whoops!)

It’s different from other guides because I use Project Management Best Practices to continuously improve the process. (I’m a certified Project Management Professional – recognized by PMI.)

This page is here to help you locate the resources you need to master this niche site stuff.

And by “stuff” I mean…

The Niche Site Process

This is the same process that Pat Flynn & Spencer Haws use to build out their niche sites, like Security Guard Training HQ and The Best Survival Knife Guide. It works for Adsense, Amazon, or other affiliate based niche sites.

Read the rest of this article at the source here.

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