Another trip to the ER? Why, yes, thank you!

So I returned to OKC on Monday around 5pm expecting to do dialysis with Carly right away.  Instead, Carly called me on the highway to tell me that the NextStage delivery was not premade bags that can be hung immediately, instead they had sent her a small box with two SAKs.  You get 3 treatments out of each one, but it takes 71/2 hours to make them.  So Carly hooked the SAK up around 4pm and we could not do dialysis Monday.

Since she skipped Sunday, she needed to have dialysis Monday but that did not work out. We called the home dialysis nurse and asked what to do.  She said we absolutely could not use the old dialysate and that we needed to wait for her labs to come back that they drew that morning to see if she needed to do anything else.

At around 5:30, the nurse called to say her potassium was back in the normal range but her hemoglobin had gone down even more.  She cannot do dialysis if her hemoglobin is below 7 and hers was a 6.2.  The nurse called Dr. Thompson who said to get her into the infusion clinic at the hospital for 2 units of blood.   The only problem was they could not get her in until Wednesday morning.  Carly was freaking out because she can’t go that long without dialysis and she was really feeling sick and bloated.  The doctor was upset that we had not done dialysis Monday and said to go to the ER for blood and dialysis NOW.img_0852


So off we go at 10am to the ER at Baptist Integris Hospital.  What FUN!!  We sit there until around 12:45 when they wheel her into the acute dialysis suite and get her hooked up and running.  They can pull more fluid therethan we can at home and they can give blood while doing so.

At 5pm, she goes back to the ER to be discharged.  We wait and wait and wait until finally I take out her IV and get her dressed.  At 6:30 the nurse comes in with her discharge papers and we leave.  Just another fun day in Oklahoma City!


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