Back on the roller coaster!

Well, I should have known not to be making plans.  We are now back on the roller coaster that is Carly’s illness.  Today, she went to the lab at the hospital and had her blood work done as ordered, then I took her to the dialysis clinic.

During dialysis, Carly started having problems.  Her oxygen saturation went way down and they had to give her oxygen.  Then, her blood pressure became unstable to the point that the dialysis had to be stopped.  Then Carly was called with the results of her blood work and her hemoglobin was low.

I took her to the ER.  We got there at 2:30, got her all checked in and registered.  At 6:30, we are still waiting.  Carly has talked to Dr. Thompson while we have been waiting.  He says he is going to have her admitted so he can send her to dialysis every day until she gets down to her dry weight and there they can give her blood at the same time. Hopefully, she will be able to be released by Monday so she can have the holiday out of the hospital.

I left Carly in the ER waiting to go get her something to eat.  When I returned, John was there and we were all waiting.  It seemed silly for all of us to be there, so I left to go home to take care of her dogs.

I am not sure what is going to happen from here.  I had planned to go home today, but it seems that will not happen.  We will just have to play things by ear.  I don’t want her to be all alone in the hospital, since her roommate, John, plans to leave on Saturday to go home to visit his family for the holiday.

All I really want is for Carly to be taken care of and for her to feel better.  I really want her to be called to get a transplant.  I am really getting tired of this roller coaster ride!

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