It’s been a busy time for us

Since my last post on the 25th of October, plenty has happened.  It really has been a busy time here in Oklahoma City.  Carly went to the ER for low potassium and then she had to go back on the 19th for low hemoglobin, as you remember from previous posts.  Then on the 25th of October, she had to go back to the ER because her potassium was toxic and she was acting crazy.  The treatment for elevated potassium is pretty severe since it can cause death if not dealt with aggressively.  But wait, there’s more!!!  She went back to the ER on the 29th for a nose bleed that lasted 24hours.  She stayed in the hospital overnight and they gave her 2 units of blood, but no one did anything to make the nose bleed stop.  When she was discharged, she was still bleeding.

We finally made an appointment with her kidney doctor, whom we love.  He listened to all of her concerns and stated that she was absolutely right.  He changed her to go back to the dialysis clinic for the next 6 weeks to give me a break and give her a break and where he can be more available if she has problems.

We are not giving up on home dialysis, just taking a break.  I will get to be at my own home more and she will have more fluid pulled at the clinic.  I have mixed feelings about her return to the unit, but I have to say I think it is the right decision for her right now.  She is so depressed and with dialysis at home cannot get away from her illness for one minute.

She continues to work on that issue with her counselor and I am very supportive of that arrangement.  She misses me being right there to keep her company, but agrees that she needs to have some alone time herself.

All in all, it has been a whirlwind month of October.  I hope November is less challenging and Carly gets to feeling better soon.  I really hope she gets a call to come get a transplant soon, but even then it will simply be another step in the process.  I would like her to get her transplant in OKC, but I think it will be Dallas that calls her.  Then we have a whole slew of problems to solve since we will have to live there for 6 weeks post-op.  If it’s not one set of problems, it’s another.  Oh well.


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