Carly’s continued journey back into health

 Here’s the latest update on my daughter, Carly. She has endured three separate surgeries in the last 5 days. First to find the infection and the second two to “wash out” her abdominal cavity. All were successful as the cultures taken from the washes are negative. That’s the good news.
 She remained in a medically induced coma from last Sunday until yesterday, Friday. At that time they were able to pull her breathing tube successfully. Her vital signs remain stable and she is breathing totally on her own. Another bit of good news.

Today when rounding, Dr. Anthony explained that her liver numbers were becoming elevated which usually precedes rejection. They had to lower her anti rejection medication way down this week due to her condition. So, today they will hang steroid medication IV to deal with the issue.
 The real problem here is that her new kidney has been affected and has almost shut down. She is back on continuous dialysis to try to rest the kidney. All the doctors assure me they believe this kidney will kick back in soon.
 Carly is in quite a lot of pain which I had to fight the nursing night shift to get addressed. Now she is resting I am very disappointed in Baylor Hospital’s night shift in 4Roberts ICU. I complained to the nurse practitioner and again to the transplant surgeon this morning.
 This journey continues slowly and with many setbacks, but I am positive Carly will get through it and thrive.

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