Carly’s journey continues…

Carly has done remarkably well since waking from her medically induced coma.  She had terrible confusion and panic when she first woke up and it caused us much concern, however, she is tough and worked through the confusion and has regained much that she lost.

Although she has suffered some cognitive loss and muscle loss from the prolonged inactive state, she is working diligently to correct these issues and to get back to where she needs to be.  She still has quite a lot of pain, but she is trying to handle that as best as she can.

Her wound in her midsection takes my breath away each time the wound care nurse changes her wound-vac dressing.  She has such a large hole in her middle that I worry about it ever being able to close.  The nurse just laughs at my concern and tells me that Carly will heal up quite well and really fast.

We are anticipating her movement from the floor at Baylor Hospital across the street to the in-patient rehabilitation center where she can work non-stop on regaining her coordination and her cognition.  She is determined to get to the functioning she had before she became sick at all.  She is my hero.  I cannot imagine going through all she has gone through and still being upbeat and determined like she is.

She had her head shaved again because her hair gets matted quite badly when she is in the hospital and she is not allowed to shower or wash her hair.  She looks really cute without hair, but now she complains that her head is cold!

They have removed all but one line from her body–the foley catheter, the CRT dialysis catheter, the ART line, and the central line.  All she has left is a midline IV in her upper right arm and we hope that goes really soon.  Her lab numbers are all good which implies that both her liver and kidney are recovering and she has no infection!  Yea!!!

I do worry though about her immuno-compromised status when she gets to go out into the world again.  She will have to be extremely careful around anyone who exhibits any signs or symptoms of illness.

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