Creativity and artistry is about breaking the rules

Thursday is the day I get to explore creativity and artistry.  I found this article online and it was very interesting.  I like the way he looks at the way art has been changed in the minds and hearts of everyone when an artist breaks the rules to make his or her art.

I also like that he applies his theory to all kinds of art, not just painting.  He talks about movies much the same way as he talks about painting.  While I may not agree with him entirely, I have to say I find his theory thought provoking and stimulating.

Where do artists get their ideas.  It is true that there is nothing new under the sun, so we must accept that their ideas must come from others in their sphere of influence.  These new ideas may only be looking at the situation from another perspective and coming up with something totally new and different.  This I can agree with.

Won’t you please read this article and then let me know what you think about this theory?


Creativity and artistry is about breaking the rules, says BBC’s Will Gompertz

by Emily TanMay 19, 2017

Creativity and artistry

There is no machine on the planet that can do what every one of us in this room can do. Step out of time and place, think of an idea and realise it, according to the BBC’s art editor Will Gompertz.

“We are amazing at being creative, it is our USP,” Gompertz said today (19 May) at Media360, and went on to challenge a number of the misconceptions about art by highlighting the many occasions great artists broke the rules.

Starting with Charles Baudelaire, who said it was time artists stopped painting history and mimicking the great masters, and started painting the world around them.

“This led to Edouard Manet’s Olympia, his version of Titian’s Venus. But, Venus was a goddess and Manet’s Olympia was a hooker. It was the first truly modern painting when artists took on the life of today rather than the life of the past,” Gompertz said.

“Brainstorms are bollocks. There are no original ideas, just ideas with an origin. All creativity is based on theft.” Will Gompertz

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