Dialysis School–W3D2 Feeling sick

Today started out a bit off because Carly was feeling sick.  Her blood pressure was low and her oxygen saturation was low.  I put her back on oxygen and had her raise her legs and feet.  After a few minutes, she was feeling better, but not well.  We toddled out to the car and got on our way.


When we got there, Jo reminded us that she has a new home dialysis patient to train starting today at 11:00.  We told her okay and went into the room to set up.  Because Carly felt dizzy, I set up the machine from beginning to end.  I gathered all the supplies needed for sticking her and hooking her up to the machine.  I checked the batch in the machine since it was new to make sure it was good.


Once the machine had cycled through and was ready, I stuck both of her access sites and hooked her up without much problem.  The lower needle was troubling her and Jo re-positioned it for her.  After that, all I had to do was monitor her vital signs every thirty minutes and chart it.


When the treatment was done, I had Jo talk me through taking her off the machine since this is still confusing to me.  She helped me and I got Carly off the machine and unhooked without her bleeding profusely.  I cleaned up the machine and all the trash and we were good to go!  She had a good dialysis treatment but she still didn’t feel very good.  She was simply exhausted.  We went home to rest for a bit before we had to go to another appointment.

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