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Yesterday's treatment

Yesterday’s treatment

Today is Wednesday and we are back in dialysis school. I took off Monday for the holiday and stayed at my home in Tulsa. Yesterday we came and had a good class. I was able to start her treatment and get her off treatment with little to no help needed from Jo.

Today's treatment

Today’s treatment

Today, we started the same way but ran into trouble early. I did something that made a 602 alarm go off. I had no idea what that was about, so I got Jo to come in. She said something happened to stop the machine, so we had to reset it by turning it on and off again. That seemed to clear the error and we were able to proceed.

I stuck her arterial site with ease but it quickly let us know that we had a problem. I pulled that needle out and Jo looked it over and told us that it had infiltrated and we would have to re-stick her in another site.


start of treatment

I let Jo do the sticking this time while I watched. She is a pro and had no problems. Once that was done, we were able to proceed to the upper site.

I was able to stick there and get good flashback,

End of treatment

End of treatment

so we were good to go!!

Before initiating treatment, I drew her monthly labs to send off. Then we were off and running. Carly had to take a Tylenol to deal with the pain, but it did help her to take the edge off the pain.

The rest of treatment went well, but I forgot to tell you that we had to utilize the bags of dialysate instead of the Pure-Flow. Jo said we needed to practice with them because they would be what we would use in an emergency or when traveling. So, that is what we did.

– What doesn’t kill you makes you strong.

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