Graduation and home dialysis!

We finally finished with the dialysis school and had our very first home dialysis treatment Friday.  Carly and I unpacked about a hundred boxes that had been delivered to her home and tried to get the set-up in place for ease of access. Here is a picture of our set-up in her bedroom.


So Jo came to Carly’s home to help me or just be available for the treatment.  She is a very good nurse and a very nice person.  We enjoyed having her with us for moral support!  She was late arriving (another patient with a problem) so when she got there I had already set up the machine with the bags and we were ready to connect up to Carly.  I felt better when Jo looked over the set-up and said it was grimg_0789eat and good to go.

Carly stuck her arterial site since it was very tender and then I stuck her venous site.  We both got it the very first time and had very good flashback.


Jo and I went out to the living room to check out the boxes of supplies once Carly was up and running.  Jo had said initially that she would need about a 3ft by 6ft area in her home for her supplies, and she was not joking!  We have boxes everywhere!


We talked and ate lunch while Carly finished her treatment.  It was so pleasant and Carly really felt much more comfortable to be doing treatment at home.  I think this is going to make a big difference in her health while we wait for a transplant.  We hope and pray that the call comes in any day now, though.


After we were done with dialysis, we had to go to the hospital to pick up some supplies that never made it to us.  One was the automatic blood pressure machine, but we had used my manual one during this treatment which I believe is more accurate anyway.  The other item missing was the antimicrobial swabs used to clean the site prior to sticking the needle.  We used lots of alcohol swabs for our treatment.

Anyway, when we got to the hospital and Carly was getting out of the car to go get these supplies from Jo, she made a funny face and I took her picture!  She was feeling feisty!


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