Had a great breakfast and then the day went downhill slowly

Today started with a bang!  Got up and we went out to eat breakfast since this is Carly’s favorite meal to eat out.  I ate my entire meal without any problem, however Carly had a nosebleed in the middle of eating hers and spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom.  She finally stuffed tissue up in her nose and came back to the table.img_0834

After breakfast, we went to Family Dollar to get a few items and of course Carly had to get a load of candy to bring home.  Her nose continued to bleed, so we left and came home.

Once home, Carly used Afrin nasal spray to stop the bleeding.  It works really well, but then she got a headache because her sinuses were so dry.  She can’t seem to win!

Next, Carly went to see her counselor and while she was there, I went to Barnes and Noble and bought some new CD’s to listen to in the car.  Got a new Zig Ziglar and a Tony Robbins.  Now when I drive home on the turnpike, I don’t have to keep listening to the CD’s I got from the library.

When we got home, I set up the dialysis machine and got everything ready to go while Carly tended to her nose and other personal issues.img_0842

Dialysis went off without a hitch.  She had no problems, we had no alarms, we pulled off the right amount of fluid and we were done before 5pm.  Meanwhile, the two babies spent the afternoon sunbathing!




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