Here is the 3D star wreath!

I wasn’t going to post today, but I finished my wreath last night and I wanted to go ahead and post the results. I think it is quite nice. I especially like that it is all from recycled material that I would have thrown away. I think I will make another one to give to my daughter for her house. It is simple, easy, and cheap. My kind of crafting!

Here is the picture of the completed wreath for your perusal:

photo 2


I really like it and think it turned out great!  I know that I was very slow about getting it done, but I enjoyed the entire process from collecting the “trash” and cutting the stars, to scoring and folding then painting each star, and finally gluing each star in place on the base.  I wanted to put a bow on it, but decided it would not work.    Anyway, I finally finished this project.  Now on to the next one–the lotion bars.

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