Here’s How to Fix Your Facebook Ads When They’re Not Working

Sunday we talk about business.  As a network marketer, I am using social media to reach new target audiences all the time.  I use Facebook ads occasionally, but I find my results are pretty much hit-or-miss because I don’t think I really understand completely the dynamics of this platform.

All business, whether online or brick-and-mortar, depend on traffic. That is simply a fact.  So as a network marketer, you need to learn about and understand all the ways you can increase your traffic.  Facebook is by far the largest platform available to you, but not the only one.   Most of us decide to use Facebook ads because we are familiar with Facebook in general.  The problem is that Facebook for personal use and Facebook for business use are very different and require different approaches.

Below is an article I found on PostPlanner that is educational and informative about using Facebook ads and what to do if your ads are not working the way you want them to work.  Facebook as a platform is more involved than we think and there are a myriad of ways to “tweak” your ads to improve performance.

I found this article to be helpful in explaining what I was doing wrong and in telling me exactly what I needed to do to change my outcomes.  I hope you find the information useful, too.


Here’s How to Fix Your Facebook Ads When They’re Not Working

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Peter Dulay is a conversion expert with over 10 years of experience in digital advertising and conversion. He has helped many startups and fortune 500 companies to boost their conversion by 400% and more.

With 2 billion worldwide users, and a robust advertising platform, Facebook presents a huge opportunity for marketers to reach a large audience in a targeted manner.

But, for those new to the platform, or who don’t have the knowledge to navigate the complicated system, advertising on Facebook can be a frustrating experience.

If your Facebook ads aren’t working, don’t sulk.  There is a way to fix your ads and increase the click-through rate (CTR), engagement, and conversions.

Before you throw good money after bad, take a moment to troubleshoot your strategy, and ad content to make sure your ads start delivering.

Here’s How to Fix Your Facebook Ads When They’re Not Working

1. Audience Selection Too Narrow Or Too Broad

Facebook advertising is supposed to be a marketer’s dream come true, with its vast database and the capability to segment your audience based not only on demographics, but also on interests, behaviors, preferences, and more.

However, it could also be your downfall if you aren’t careful with your audience selection.

When your audience selection is too narrow, you run the risk of exhausting the segment too quickly, and driving up your cost per click. Not to mention, you may omit key individuals by narrowing the location or demographics too much.

On the other hand, if your audience selection is too broad, you aren’t serving your ad to people who’d actually be interested in your offer. Again, you could drive up the cost per click because of a poor audience-message match, or you risk paying for clicks that won’t convert to leads or customers.

Read the rest of this article here.

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