Home Dialysis is old-hat!

Since I last posted, I have become very comfortable doing home dialysis with Carly.  My sticks are getting better and better and giving me fewer problems with the machine.

We do still have weird alarms that we have to look up in the book and once we even had to call Jo to get it fixed.  Jo says she is sorry that she didn’t give us more experience with the alarms, but unless they go off when using the machine there is no way to make them happen.

So on Friday, we had all kinds of alarms, called Jo and finally ended up giving Carly 300mls of normal saline flush-back because she became hypotensive.  We could not get the machine to do the automatic rinse back afterward, and her lines clotted.  We just had to pull that cartridge out of the machine and she lost all the blood in the lines.  That was the second time this week that she lost blood!

She saw Dr. Thompson and he feels she is doing much better now on home dialysis.  He was concerned about me, though, because he says the biggest problem they have with the home treatment is caretaker burnout.  I told him I was pretty tired, but not to worry.

My view from the turnpike!

My view from the turnpike!

I drove home Friday afternoon and went directly to bed.  I was bone tired by the time I made that 2 hour drive from OKC to Tulsa.  I slept all day Saturday, too!

Sunday, I drove back to OKC and did Carly’s treatment then drove back home to Tulsa when we finished because I had a doctor’s appointment Tuesday morning there.  Need I tell you that I slept when I got home?

Monday, I did very little.  I just played on my computer and watched television.  Carly called to say that her chair was delivered and it was BIG!  She was concerned that she would not be able to make it work in her room.  I told her it would work and we would fix it on Tuesday.

Today is Tuesday and I drove back to OKC.  We got Carly all set up and her treatment going.  Carly had already made room for the chair so that was a done deal.

Carly's new chair!

Carly’s new chair!

Never let it be said that I don’t have plenty of things to do!  Now I will stay here in OKC until Friday after her treatment.

If you are reading this, please pray that Carly gets her transplant very soon!

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