Is this a day off?

Monday we had no dialysis to do. It is a skip day. Instead we went to the hospital so Carly could get an EGD done.

She has this procedure done every 3 months to prevent blood loss in her stomach. She has spots in her stomach that leak blood, so the doctor goes in and zaps each leak with a laser.

After we got back home, we ate lunch and then took a good nap. We both were so tired.

When we got up, we tried to make a SAK for dialysis today. Well, we didn’t do something right and the machine alarmed. We called Jo and she came to the house. It turned out that the connections leaked and filled the tub with 60 liters of water.

After we fixed that mess, we restarted and made a new SAK for the Pure Flow.
By the time we got that all done, it was time to start dinner.

We ate and then I cleaned up the kitchen. Then the day was gone and I had done very little.  This is my day off.  Sound like a day off to you?

Then today, we went back to the hospital.  This time Carly was scheduled to have her perma-cath removed.  She was so excited to get this done because she hasn’t been able to take a full shower since it was put in.  The line goes directly into her heart and so you have to be very careful not to introduce any bacteria or virus or dirt into the site.

img_1326We got that done and ran a few errands before heading back home.  She is supposed to be still and use ice every 15 minutes to prevent swelling.

We will do dialysis treatment this evening because we need John to be available to help so we can get him checked off and available to do treatment if I am unable to get here.

This is a normal day in my life right now.  Not much art getting done.  Not much in the way of crafts getting done.  I am too busy being the taxi for Carly’s myriad appointments and her 5 day a week dialysis.  I am glad I retired and am available.img_1312

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