It is always something!

It is always something, that is for sure! After being released from the hospital the last time, Carly came home to rest and recuperate.  She was lying on the couch watching television and decided to get up to go to the kitchen for a drink.  She got up, walked into the kitchen and promptly fell to the floor!

She hit her head and her elbow on the counter going down and again on the floor.  She didn’t even have time to cry out, I heard the commotion and ran to the kitchen to find her laying on her side on the floor.  She was conscious and in a lot of pain.  We checked her out, limb by limb, system by system before John helped her to get up from the floor.  She had a big egg on the side of her head, a huge bruise on her hip, and her whole left arm was numb.

We got back to the couch and checked her out again.  I did neuro checks on her since she had such a lump on the head.  I told her she could not go to sleep for at least another hour while I assessed her.  I was worried because she complained of being “so sleepy” and struggled to stay awake for me.  Her vitals were good and nothing was broken, so my biggest worry was her neurological status; and figuring out why she fell in the first place.

We made it through the night without any more excitement and she felt much better, although very sore, in the morning.

The rest of the week was busy with appointments, dialysis–just the usual.  Because she was going to the clinic on Thursday for dialysis, I left to go back to Tulsa after we finished all her appointments.

Friday night Carly calls me to tell me she is in the ER again.  This time she fell and knocked herself out.  She said she was trying to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and when she stood up her legs just gave out.  She hit her head hard on the dresser and again on the floor.  John got her up and this time took her to the hospital.  I was so worried while I waited for the results of the tests.  Finally, the test results are back and she has a slight concussion, no broken bones and many new bruises.  The labs came back normal so after 4 or 5 hours in the ER she was allowed to go home.

Saturday, she went to the clinic for dialysis and said that she felt as if she had been run over by a truck.  I spoke with her numerous times and she assured me that she was fine and I did not need to come back to OKC until Tuesday as planned.  I had mixed feelings, but what good would I do if I was there?

So on Monday, after my doctor’s appointment I will drive myself back to the city and this time I am taking the walker that my sister used when she was having balance problems.  Carly is not too keen on this idea, but I want her to use it when she gets up from a sitting or lying position to stabilize herself; I don’t think she needs to walk with it, but we will see when I get there.

It is always something here, that is for sure.  Please pray for a transplant soon!

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