It’s almost Christmas!

My tree at my house

Sorry for the long pause between posts.  It’s almost Christmas and there has been lots of activity at this household.  Carly continues to spiral up and down healthwise.  She had another bout with low potassium but that is correcting slowly.

Carly being silly at Target

She met with her Nephrologist, Dr. Thompson and they had a long and unpleasant conversation about how she feels her care is going.  The bottom line is that he gave her his cell phone number so she can ALWAYS reach him (problem #3).  He also wants to add another nephrologist to her care so that there is another doctor in his practice that knows her condition and is involved with her care when he is out of pocket.  He recommends one of his partner’s wife who works part-time at the practice.  She is extremely experienced with multi-system failure and worked in critical care for a while. (problem #1).  He also is doing some research about how to prevent this potassium see-saw in the future.  She may simply have to go back to clinic for dialysis because there they use the proper potassium bath in her treatments. (problem #2).  Carly is not exactly happy with all this but is willing to do whatever she needs to do to stay alive.


My silly wrist splint

On a personal note, I have somehow managed to sustain an injury to my right wrist and have been dealing with pain and swelling for the last 4 1/2 months.  Been to see 4 different doctors, none of whom seem to know what the deal is.  Now I am going to physical therapy in Tulsla which means I drive back and forth many more times than normal.  I am exhausted and in pain because nothing anyone has done is helping.  I just love driving 2 hours either way several times a week.

Carly’s tree

I think we are all almost done and ready for Christmas.  I have just a few items left to get and that will be easily done at the Family Dollar store.  All I can say is I am ready for this holiday madness to be done!

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