Life is all full of DRAMA…

Today is Friday and Carly and I got up early and ran a few errands then came home to do her dialysis.  We got everything set up and got her started  with her treatment without any problem.  (The machine has been creating mild drama for us and if it continues to act up we will have to call the company to see what needs to be done to fix the problem.)  We were so happy that everything was working properly and we were just relaxing through the treatment process.

This machine is possessed!

This machine is possessed!

About an hour or so into this 2 and half hour treatment, the electricity went off in the entire neighborhood.  I made a mad dash to the machine to initiate the emergency procedures to get her blood back before it clotted!  However, after we tried to rinse it back, it became obvious that there was a clot somewhere in the line. So, unfortunately she lost all the blood that was in the tubing and in the machine.

She lost about 90cc's of blood

She lost about 90cc’s of blood

Then, at 4:45 Carly received a call from the Liver Co-ordinator at Baylor that they needed her labs this week and she couldn’t find them.  Carly was confused because no one told us that we needed to get labs done this week; but we called around until we found a lab that not only could draw the labs, but could also get the results to Baylor today.  It pays to be friendly to the workers in the hospital.

So, at 8pm, Carly gets a call again from the co-ordinator to tell her that her MELD score had dropped down from 26 to 24.  We also found out that it was possible that she might get a call this weekend or next week to come in for transplant!  There are two people ahead of her on the list.

Carly also was told that her potassium was 2.4 which is critically low and the doctor at Baylor instructed Carly to call the on-call nephrologist to see if she needs to do anything. She called and got the on-call who said that since she had been in dialysis and did not get to complete her treatment, he felt that she would be okay to eat a banana, or chocolate, or drink orange juice since she was totally asymptomatic for low potassium.

Anyway, it has been a day full of DRAMA and I for one am tired of it.


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