Low Potassium, Low Hemoglobin–Help! STAT!

Today we got a call about the labs we drew up on Tuesday and FedExed back to the clinic.  The nurse calling was very concerned because Carly’s potassium level is 2.2 which is CRITICALLY  low and she asked lots of questions about symptoms.  The only true symptom she is having is shortness of breath and fatigue.  The nurse said she would have a prescription for potassium pills called in to her pharmacy today and for her to take the dose as soon as she gets it.

When the pharmacy called, we picked it up.  These pills are huge.  Carly has really been having trouble swallowing her pills lately, so this should be interesting.  She dutifully took two of the horse pills as soon as we got home.  She also had baked potato for a snack since the potato is high in potassium.

The other problem with her labs was that for some reason her hemoglobin has fallen to 7.2 from being in the 10’s earlier this month.  Usually this means that she has some kind of active bleed in her gastrointestinal system, but she does not exhibit any symptoms of a bleed.  The only good thing is that as long as she stays above 7.0 she does not need to get transfused.  We are trying to avoid needing to get blood because every time she gets blood it changes her antibodies and that makes it difficult if they call for a transplant.

We did get out of the house for fun once today.  We went to a chinese food buffet and had a really good meal at lunch.  Afterward, Carly went to the hospital to get her labs redrawn just in case there was an error in them.  While she was there, the nurse gave her some iron also.  It seems to be a never ending assortment of things that go wrong and we spend most of our time trying to fix things as they occur.

Please, God, let them give her a transplant really, really soon!

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