Made a new Halloween wreath–made it bigger!

As I have posted last week, I made a lovely Halloween wreath but it was quite small due to the availability of only small bases.  It turned out nicely and I had it on my door, but the more I looked at it the more I was unsatisfied.  So, off to Michael’s I go in search of a larger wreath base.  I decided to make a new Halloween wreath, only make it bigger.

 New Halloween wreath

I live in Tulsa, OK and the Michael’s I usually go to was destroyed a few months back by a tornado.  I expected that to be fixed by now, so that is where I headed.  Lo and behold!!! the place is still boarded up and fenced off.  I didn’t even know how to get to any of the other Michael’s in Tulsa so I went home.

The next day, after googling to find just where I needed to go, I head off to another Michael’s location.  OMG!!! I spent over 2 hours there just going up and down each aisle because this place is HUGE.  It has stock I have never seen before in a Michael’s.  I almost forgot to get my grapevine wreath base.  Picked one up on the way out and got 50% off!  Yea!


New Halloween Wreath

Came home and made my new wreath.  The best part was that I had all the fixin’s left over so no trip back to the Dollar Store.  Good thing because I had blown my spending money at Michael’s.  Anyway, this wreath was made the using the same steps as the other, so you should be able to make it if you want using that tutorial.

New Halloween wreath

Let me know how you like it.  Send me pictures of your Halloween wreath this year if you think about it.  I love how creative people get with this holiday and hope to see some really fantastic wreaths this Halloween.



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