So many doctors and not enough time to see them all!

We got up today early and got ready to go to the hospital for the kidney clinic.  Carly’s letter stated that her first appointment would be at 0845, so we stopped at Jack in the Box to get breakfast and hurried over to the hospital.  Since neither of us knew where we needed to go, I had Carly call the home dialysis clinic for instructions.  Well, come to find out that they changed her 0845 appointment to 1215 and her next scheduled appointment wasn’t until 0945.  So we rushed over to where that appointment was supposed to be and waited.

We made it to the next appointment, which was with the kidney surgeon.  He was a very nice man and patiently answered all of our questions regarding the surgery.  He did a cursory exam of her abdomen and then said we would have another appointment in 6 months if she still needs it (perhaps transplant will occur before then?).  Since we had time to kill before the next appointment, we went to Target.

I don’t know how to describe what it is like to go to a store with Carly.  First off, she is very cheap.  I mean that in the nicest way, but she does not spend money unnecessarily.  So, when you go shopping with her, prepare to be there quite a while.  She has to look at each and every item in the store and only then will she make a decision about her purchase. We went in with a list of just 2 things and left with 2 new tops, new make-up, a new make-up case, vitamins, popcorn and drinks!

Then we went to see her nephrologist, Dr. Thompson for her scheduled monthly appointment with him.  He is a great doctor and we both really like him a whole lot.  He was very concerned about her potassium being so low and said her dialysate prescription at home was pulling too much potassium out of her system.  We are instructed not to use what we have at home now, but NextStage can’t get our new prescription out to us until Monday.

Since she did not do dialysis on  Thursday, she needed to get into a clinic today.  He agreed and arranged for her to go upstairs to clinic today and tomorrow to catch her up and get her potassium better.  Then she can skip Sunday and we will have the new batch on Monday to do her treatment at home.  She was not amused, but was grateful that he did not put her back in the hospital.

I jumped at this opportunity to be able to drive back to Tulsa today and stay at home until after I see my oncologist on Monday.  We will have to do her treatment Monday late in the afternoon or early evening since we are not sure when the new dialysate is being delivered.

There is never enough time in a day to do all the things we need to do.  It’s a wonder that Carly gets anything done except see doctors and do treatment.  I can understand why she is so tired of all this because I have to say I am getting there pretty quickly.



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