Never a dull moment here…

Since last post, there has been quite a bit of activity here.  Never let it be said that we lead dull lives.  img_0855

The rest of the week went by without much excitement, except that Carly kept being nauseated to the point of vomiting.  She was basically living on Zofran or Phenergan to keep from throwing up.  Her dialysis went well after we finally got the SAKs made with the correct potassium dose.

So on Sunday, we went ahead and had dialysis like normal and I drove home to Tulsa as usual.  The plan was for me to be there Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday (Carly was going to get dialysis at the clinic on Monday).  Carly was trying to make time for me to be at home longer.  She wants me to be able to have some type of life in Tulsa.  She is worried because I am so tired all the time.

So, come Monday morning, Carly calls me to say she is SICK and vomiting and can’t stop.  She said she was having to lay on the bathroom floor because she couldn’t get to the bathroom fast enough if she didn’t.  I told her to call John and have him take her immediately to the ER.

She gets to the ER and her labs show a potassium of 6.7!  They immediately begin the protocol for hyperkalemia treatment.  She got dextrose and insulin IV and an albuterol treatment–to try to push the potassium back into the cells and out of the bloodstream.

They arranged for her to get emergent dialysis in the Acute Unit to get as much potassium as possible out of the bloodstream.  Once all that was done, she went back to the ER to be discharged.  In the meantime, I drove back to OKC to be with her at the hospital.

Today she is up but feels like she was run over by a big truck.  We are not sure where she is with her potassium, but I guess we will know soon if it is still too high.

Carly needs a case manager–someone medical who will drive the train that is her wreck of an illness.  Someone to talk to all the doctors and put all their information together into a comprehensive care plan.  Someone she can reach out and touch when she has questions or is developing a problem.  It seems that her train is full of different cars, but no engine.  Everyone passes the buck when a problem develops!img_0857

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