New Project is a FAIL!!!

New project

Original card

My new project was to make a votive candle holder from a card that was given to me long ago.  I really love this card and wanted to make something with it, so I decided to root around in my craft supplies to see what I had that would do.

Well, I found an unopened package of paper clay that I cannot tell you how old it was.  I thought I would try it out to see if it still would work.  It was very dry and I had to add water to make it workable, but it did finally work.


I was able to cut out the template with this paper clay.

New project









I did not realize just how floppy the paper clay

would be and when I tried tonew project

connect the two figures they buckled! So I had to improvise a way to make them stand while drying.

As you can see, I rigged up a way to keep them upright, but they continued to sag and sway while drying overnight!

new project

In this picture, I am starting over–this time with Sculpey clay.  You can see how the first one dried and it is pathetic.  Now, this Sculpey clay was also old but unopened.  I wondered just how long the shelf life would be for this clay but decided to give it a go.

When I first tried to work the clay through the pasta machine, it disintegrated into a pile of little pieces. Not to be put off, I simply gathered these pieces into my hand and worked with them until they warmed up and began to adhere to each other.  I did finally get the clay to work like it is supposed to, but boy did I have to work for it.  I bet I ran that clay through the pasta machine 50 or 60 times before I finally got pieces I could use.

So after finally getting the clay to work and cutting out my template, I was able to put the clay into the oven as per the instructions on the box.  Fifteen minutes at 275 degrees.

Unfortunately, because it was so old, the pieces almost burned and I had to rescue them from the oven after about 10 minutes.  They are quite brown around the edges but I think I will see if they will work.   I will keep working on this project because I really want it to work.  I may have to break down and go to Michael’s to get NEW clay!

My plan is to paint each piece with acrylic paint back and front and once dried, try to glue the pieces together.  I think it may work, but we will see.  Check back later for these results.  What about you?  Ever have a project just go bad?

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