It’s a New Year…and better, I hope!

Since last I posted, lots has happened.  First, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Carly’s Christmas Eve 2016

Carly ended up in ICU right before Christmas.  They put her on continuous dialysis to try to pull off all the excess fluid that had built up since her hospitalization at Thanksgiving.  However, both of these experiences have turned out to be total wastes of time, because her nephrologist, Dr. Thompson, was not able to be involved in either hospitalization due to his own health issues.  It seems that his partners either do not follow his directions about his patients, or they disagree with him and do what they want instead.  The end result being that after two inpatient stays, she is worse off than she started.

Her nurse working on the dialysis machine in ICU

Carly was devastated that she missed both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, even though we celebrated later when she came home.  That isn’t the point as far as she is concerned.  I have to agree with her this time, though.  Both times turned out to be fiascos all around and she came out of the hospital worse than when she went in.

Christmas Day 2016

On a personal note, my right wrist is still a work in progress.  I am going to physical therapy twice a week with only minor relief.  This last time, the woman who did my treatment worked on the inside of my wrist more than the outside and it seems to have helped quite a bit.  I am able to finally sleep without being awakened by pain, so I am not complaining.  If only I knew what I did to create this problem so I could avoid a repeat in the future.

We are still trying to decide if home dialysis is over or if we will go back to it.   Carly is going to the clinic for now, but she really hates it.  When she met with her nephrologist this last time, she and he decided to part company.  He will be referring her to another doctor and he will make sure the new doctor is well versed in her health issues and all the care that she has already gone through.  Our issue, however, is whether the new doctor will be able to authorize home dialysis.  We just found out that Fresenius only contracts with Dr. Thompson’s practice for home dialysis and if we leave that practice we are not sure where we will end up for dialysis.  This illness is like this.  Fix one problem and you find 10 new issues to deal with!

When we finally got to celebrate Christmas, we had a good time.  John was really funny opening up his present.  He was really trying to be jolly and create a fun atmosphere for Carly.






The only thing Carly wanted to do for Christmas this year was to rescue another dog.  So we went to the Petco up in Edmond last Sunday and got Dollie!  She is a sweet baby and the other dogs have taken to her quite well.  There are a few bad habits due to having come from a hoarding situation, but nothing that can’t be dealt with.  She is housebroken and a love puppy!

Dollie, Pepe, and Lily just chillin’ with Carly

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