Pinterest Recipe tryout!

Well, here is the second installment of my new and improved blog entries! Today I will be posting about a Pinterest recipe that caught my eye a while back. It is from the site.  The recipe is on that link to the site.Slow-Cooker-King-Ranch-Chicken

I love cooking with my crockpot, don’t you? It is so easy and doesn’t heat up the kitchen. I went to the local grocery store and bought all the ingredients–actually, I had some of them in the cupboard, but I bought the rest. Cost me around $5.00 to make the entire meal and only took 10 minutes to prepare.

This was cooked on low for about 6 hours, so when I came home from work/errands/taking people places, it was all ready to go. My sister is not very fond of chicken, but she bravely agreed to try out this new recipe. My daughter who has end stage renal disease and is on a restrictive diet also wanted to taste it.

We all stood in the kitchen looking down into the crockpot with our mouths watering! The aroma was so good! I spooned each of us a portion on a plate and we chowed down. So here is the result….

  • My sister, who is a very finicky eater, said she enjoyed the meal.
  • My daughter, who is on that restrictive diet, said it was way too salty, but otherwise was very good. It was allowed on her diet and met her protein needs pretty well
  • I ate all of my portion and I agreed with my sister. I loved it! The chicken was tender and moist, the chips give you a satisfying carb load, and the gravy was delicious.

We will definitely be making this recipe again, but next time I will use unsalted chips for my daughter.


I hope you try this recipe out yourself. Let me know what you think or if you change the ingredients and how it turned out.

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