She’s back in the hospital again!

Well,  after spending all of Thursday day and all of Thursday night/Friday morning in the ER, Carly was finally admitted back in the hospital early Friday morning.  She was not amused.  They don’t feed you in the ER, they don’t give you any of your regular medications.  She didn’t even have a bed until 1:30 in the morning.

She is so "done" with all this!

She is so “done” with all this!

She was finally moved to a room after 9am, once there, she was wisked off to dialysis to try to pull some of the excess fluid off her.  She did not enjoy the treatment because they had to set the machine to be fairly aggressive to get the fluid off.

Once through in dialysis, she went back to her room on the 7th floor and we tried to get all her medication given so she would get back on her schedule.  Her nurse was really great and the CNA is someone Carly knows well from previous admissions and likes very much.

John came up after work and sat with us for a while, but then Carly said she was tired and wanted to go to sleep, so I left also.

This is not how we want to spend the holidays, so I hope they get things fixed rapidly and discharge her Monday.  She needs to be home for Thanksgiving and not in the hospital.  Her doctor doesn’t want her leaving until her hemoglobin stabilizes and she has lost the 10 kilos of excess fluid on her.  That said, who knows when she will get to come home?

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