This Story Gets Crazy!

The story continues. My daughter spent Monday night in the ER. She finally was admitted to a room around 10am.

She received her dialysis and 2 units of blood then went to her room and finally went to sleep.

That was Tuesday. This is Wednesday. Today started with a massive nose bleed at 8am. It poured out of both nostrils and her mouth. We got the “assistance” of several people-the nurse, the nurse manager, the house officer and a resident, the attending doctor, and finally her hepatologist.

None of them did anything! They stood at the foot of her bed and watched while they conversed with each other. Finally, someone ordered Afrin nasal spray–which took another hour to get. She finally got the bleeding to stop after bleeding profusely for 3 hours!

Her hepatologist ordered platelets and an ENT consult. He also came back to check on her and gave her a big hug because this bleed was so scary!

This has not been a good week so far, but she is taking it all in stride. Her sense of humor once again saved the day!

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