We’re Almost Done!!!

Today we are back to school and using the whole machine. Carly and I both don’t feel up to this. John came home last night with a stomach bug so we quarantined him in his room; but today we both have a touch of stomach issues!


I set up the machine with no problem and because of our sticking issue yesterday, Jo did the sticking while educating me on various places for access in the event we have problems at home.


We graduate tomorrow! The moving man will bring her machine to the house tonight and Jo will bring all the supplies we will need. Tomorrow, at home, Jo gets to be a watcher. I am so happy to be done with class but worried about being home alone doing this.

The rest of treatment went off without a hitch and we even got finished 30 minutes early.  Carly and I came home to move the furniture around because the movers are bringing the machine to the house later today.  We discovered that we needed to make more room because the system is HUGE.  We need to add a chair in addition to the machine and still have room to store supplies.  Oh my.

Three men came with the machine and set it up in the bedroom by the grounded plug.  They also connected the water supply and the drain into the bathroom.  We are good to go!

Our new set-up

Our new set-up

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