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Make Your Life and Work a Work of Art

Search AmazonProduct SearchOnce again I am concentrating on creativity and what being creative means in your life.  I really liked this article about how to make your life and work a work of art.  I really like her approach. I … Continue reading

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Being Creative in a busy world

Search AmazonProduct SearchI often talk about how I struggle with getting creative–painting, crafting, etc.  I love to do the work, but I seem to drag my heels about getting started.  I want to make a habit of doing art daily … Continue reading

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Trouble finding time for painting?

Search AmazonProduct SearchSince I have finally gotten back home and now have time to do the things I want to do, I am having trouble finding time for painting!  I have eight months of tasks that have backed up and … Continue reading

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I am about to retire and I am so looking forward to it!

Search AmazonProduct Search In about two weeks, I will be formally retiring from nursing after 25 years.  I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this event.  At first, I was worried about money and what I … Continue reading

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Finally got to paint!

Search AmazonProduct SearchWell, I have been following Sharon Tomlinson at Norah’s and I have been intrigued by the process she is using to paint over magazine pictures to get a completely different picture.  I have a huge stack of cardboard … Continue reading

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Watercolors to go — from Tip Junkie

Search AmazonProduct SearchHere is a wonderful tutorial for a wonderful idea!  This is something I want to try myself because maybe if I have this handy, I will be able to grab those moments when I feel inspired.  As it … Continue reading

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Videos for a lazy Friday!

Search AmazonProduct Search Since I am having so much trouble getting started, I think I will go back to basics.  Art journaling is a great way to get your mind free and loose.  Here are some videos from a few of … Continue reading

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Window Shopping Wednesday — Wall Dancers

Search AmazonProduct SearchHere’s a look at a wonderful polymer clay artist that I truly admire.  Her work is funky, funny, unique, and particularly beautiful.  Just looking at her work makes me smile and feel good.  I have been reading her … Continue reading

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More on my prayer dolls

Search AmazonProduct SearchI have been working on my prayer dolls and they really are looking pretty.  I stayed up until after 1AM the other night painting on them and I have to say I had a ball.  The next morning, … Continue reading

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Window Shopping Wednesday

Search AmazonProduct SearchAnother Wednesday.  Now to show you the work of another of my favorite artists here on the web.  I hope you are enjoying these trips to visit websites.  I hope you like these artists so much that you … Continue reading

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