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Halloween Ribbon Wreath

Search AmazonProduct SearchHere’s a beautiful autumn wreath to make to adorn your door, or hang in your window, or on your wall. Such pretty colors and so delicate looking. This was from Styrofoam Crafts.  This designer has another beautiful wreath … Continue reading

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More on Paper Beads

Search AmazonProduct Search Paper Bead Art  By: Diy maven Mar 13, 2007 When we were kids, my sister Joyce and I rolled paper beads; little did we know we were doing something girls a hundred years earlier had done. Although … Continue reading

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Making Paper Beads for fun

Search AmazonProduct SearchHere’s a tutorial on how to make paper beads.  I think we all may have made these before as children, but they are still fun to make and can actually become very beautiful jewelry or accessories to crafts.  … Continue reading

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