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Here is the place I post my crafts and my artwork.

Amazon Affiliate Website: The Ultimate Guide & 17 PROFITABLE Examples

Search AmazonProduct SearchOn Sunday, I post about business.  I wanted to post this article from Niche Site Project about starting an Amazon affiliate website.  I know many people who have thought about doing this but don’t because they don’t know … Continue reading

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Make Your Life and Work a Work of Art

Search AmazonProduct SearchOnce again I am concentrating on creativity and what being creative means in your life.  I really liked this article about how to make your life and work a work of art.  I really like her approach. I … Continue reading

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Here’s How to Fix Your Facebook Ads When They’re Not Working

Search AmazonProduct SearchSunday we talk about business.  As a network marketer, I am using social media to reach new target audiences all the time.  I use Facebook ads occasionally, but I find my results are pretty much hit-or-miss because I … Continue reading

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Skull Candlesticks

Search AmazonProduct SearchIt seems that I am enamored of crafting with “skulls” this year for Halloween.  I showed you my front door wreath with skull and now I am posting this tutorial for making your own Halloween decoration skull candlesticks. … Continue reading

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Creativity and artistry is about breaking the rules

Search AmazonProduct SearchThursday is the day I get to explore creativity and artistry.  I found this article online and it was very interesting.  I like the way he looks at the way art has been changed in the minds and … Continue reading

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Made a new Halloween wreath–made it bigger!

Search AmazonProduct SearchAs I have posted last week, I made a lovely Halloween wreath but it was quite small due to the availability of only small bases.  It turned out nicely and I had it on my door, but the … Continue reading

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The Time-Proven & Authoritative Network Marketing Invitation Script – Eric Worre’s Formula Revealed!

Search AmazonProduct SearchSunday is the day to post about business–in this case network marketing.  So today we focus on invitation as a new skill. I know I have said before how I love this business, but I want to make … Continue reading

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Search AmazonProduct SearchSince I have been making wreaths this last week, I decided I should give you a tutorial for making another kind of Halloween wreath.  This one is so cute and would really look good as decoration for a … Continue reading

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Innovation, Invention, Creativity and Artistry are not the same

Search AmazonProduct SearchToday we once again get to talk about creativity.  This article I found online is useful but geared more toward business than individual use.  I went ahead and posted it here because of his definitions of each of … Continue reading

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The Network Marketing Invitation Process

Search AmazonProduct SearchWhen I started my network marketing business many years ago, I failed because I wouldn’t or couldn’t figure out how to invite others to take a look at my business and my products.  I was afraid they would … Continue reading

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