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Second day of Dialysis School and making treats!

Search AmazonProduct SearchToday was our second day of school and I learned how to set up the dialysis machine to make it ready to use.  I didn’t do it perfect, but I did do it.  Hopefully, with practice I will … Continue reading

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Summer heat is dangerous

Search AmazonProduct SearchLiving in Texas as I do, I am constantly aware of the problem that hot weather can cause. Even during the winter months, we can have heat waves that cause us problems.  Recent headlines across the state are … Continue reading

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Today is Pet day

Search AmazonProduct SearchToday’s post, according to schedule, is about pets and pet rescue.  I am a firm believer in saving dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, guinea pigs, etc.  I am not in favor of pure bred animals except for shows and … Continue reading

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Noodles Is Still Missing

Search AmazonProduct SearchSome of you readers may know that I own a rat terrier named Satchmo and am an avid dog fancier.  I can only imagine the pain I would feel if something were to happen to my beloved companion.  … Continue reading

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