Making Snowflakes with my sister

This past weekend, my sister and I decided to make snowflakes for the tree.  We have been collecting toilet paper rolls for a while now and have a box full to use for this craft.


My box of TP rolls

So we sat down at the table and got to work.  I have done this craft before, so I was moving a lot faster than she could but she was still able to get some made.

She got tired pretty early and quit after only making 4, but maybe she will make some more before I put everything up again.


My sister’s snowflakes

I made 10 in that same session and made 2 more the next day. So after making a dozen, I am basically through with the making part of this craft.


my snowflakes

The next step will be to take them outside and spray paint them white.  I may have to get more paint to get them all painted white but that’s okay.  After they are painted, the next step is to pour glue on a paper plate and then dip each side of the snowflakes into the glue then into a plate with glitter.  When dry, I will attach thin ribbon to each one for hanging on the tree.

This is a really easy craft and it is lots of fun to do.  Making the snowflakes is very calming and meditative.  I don’t expect the painting and glittering to be so calming!  If you do this with small children, remember that hot glue guns can burn and so can the melted glue.  I currently have a few burns on my hands because I got in a hurry.

I will post the finished project when they are dry and ready to go.  In the meantime, won’t you tell me about any craft you have done using toilet paper rolls?  They are so versatile and easily available, so there are many different crafts available using them.


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