Craft Day — 3D stars from Pinterest

Well, it seems that I have bitten off more than I can chew with my planning schedule. I am not completely finished with my 3D stars craft yet, but I will be soon. Until I am done, let me tell you about the process and show you my pictures so far.

I don’t know about you, but my experiences with Pinterest have been mostly hit-or-miss when I try to replicate the pin. It doesn’t matter if it is a recipe or a craft, usually there is something off when I make it. With that in mind, I went to find a quick and easy craft to make for this post anyway.

I went to Pinterest and found a great craft idea for making 3D stars. So I went to the site and read all about making these really cute stars. But that site sent me to another one for a slightly different kind of 3D star. The second site sent me to another site for a tutorial on making 3D stars out of paper for a wreath. It was so cute, that I decided to use recycled cardboard to make my stars and then to make a wreath for my front door.

So I found enough thin cardboard to make my stars using a template from here. I cut out 30 stars and scored them and folded them just like the tutorial said to do. By this time, my hand was very tired from cutting out the stars and I was getting fed up with all the scoring and folding.


photo 1

I persevered. Once they were all cut, scored and folded, the next step was to paint each star. Well I knew I wasn’t going to hand paint each star, so off I go to buy spray paint. Once I had the paint in hand, I began painting the stars in batches. Cardboard does not take well to spray painting. It required a second can of paint and three coats to make the star white.

photo 2

So this is where I am currently. My next step is to paint each star with doodles in acrylic paint and then to glue them to my wreath form. I would do this right now, but it is late and I am tired. So I will finish this up tomorrow and post a finished picture.


I realize that I would be done completely if I had just made paper stars like the third site did. I just had to make a small change, didn’t I? Anyway, I have had a good time so far and am looking forward to completing this craft.  I hope you will come back to see the final product.  This actually went pretty much like the pin tutorial described except where I changed it.

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