Dialysis School–Day Three

The dialysis machine

The new machine I have to learn!

Today was day three of school.  We got up and actually got to class early today.  I sat down in my chair and there was this machine just waiting for me!  Jo, our instructor, had me complete the set-up all by myself starting from zero.

After I set this machine up, she came and created all kinds of error messages and I had to figure out what they meant and what I had to do to fix them.

Because this machine is not attached to my daughter, it is not intimidating or scary and I had a great time learning about all the error messages and the required action to clear them.

Although I feel better about my competence on this machine yet, I think that next week I will be hooking up my daughter to her machine.  I’m not scared to do this, but it does give me pause.  What if I do something to hurt her?  I could not stand that.  Jo assures me that she will not allow that to happen, so I feel pretty good about having to do this.

Jo is really a good and thorough teacher.  She makes sure to answer each

File_000 (2)

Jo and Carly in a teaching moment

question until she is sure that you understand.  Here she and Carly are discussing the way that this machine is set up and who is responsible to make sure it is set up and broken down each time.

All in all, Carly and I are learning this stuff so she can get dialysis at home when she wants to get it and because it occurs five days a week, she has to spend less time doing dialysis and the treatment can be less aggressive.  The end result should be that she feels good and has better control of her free time.  She may even get to have a life again!

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