Life has settled down somewhat, but what is next?

Since my last post, things have settled down somewhat.  Carly is doing better and is going to the dialysis clinic three times a week to give me a break.  Her blood work seems to have stabilized and we no longer are on a roller coaster.  She is getting more and more depressed, which I certainly understand, but this time of year has always been hard for her to handle with the time change, less daylight, and the holidays it is hard on me too, but she is particularly susceptible.

Last week I had to leave early to go back to Tulsa because my sister (who lives with me) had some dental surgery and was not doing very well.  She is very sensitive to pain medications and when she takes them it exacerbates her Bipolar symptoms.  So I drove back home and took care of her for about four days.  Once she was doing better, I came back to OKC to take Carly to her appointments.

One of the symptoms of her illness is Hepatic Encephalopathy–a big term for being confused and feeling like she is drunk.  Her gait is unsteady, her vision gets weird, she cannot remember anything, and she develops a severe tremor.  It is because of this that she is not able to drive anymore.  Today, she told me that she thinks her HE is getting bad again and she is worried.  It is caused by elevated ammonia blood levels.  Her liver is unable to filter ammonia out and so it builds up in her blood.  That is why she takes Lactulose and Xifaxan.  She is very religious about taking her meds, so it’s not because she messed up her pills.

Anyway, we seem to be getting back to normal.  I think Carly will start back on home dialysis next week which means I will need to be here more.  I have enjoyed the time at home and am ready to get back to the job of dialysis nurse for one!

Just wanted to update this blog.  I didn’t mean to let it go so long!


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