24 hours without a bleed!

Today is Friday and my daughter is out of the hospital; and she has gone 24 hours without a bloody nose or any sign of a bleed.  She was so glad to sleep in her own bed last night.  We got up today to go to see the hemotologist and get the results of all her labs he had drawn.

The good news is that there is nothing going on with her blood.  He says all of her labs are normal and he does not see any reason for a bone marrow test.  We are so glad!  He says that she is simply leaking blood out slowly from various areas and that it will not get any better until she gets a transplant.  Great.

She felt good today and got up and put on make-up and got dolled up to go out to this doctor.  She looked so cute.


After her doctor’s appointment, we went out to lunch at McAlister’s.  Then I took her home and drove myself back to Tulsa.  Although I spent the entire week in OKC, I did not get to spend much quality time with my daughter.  It is pretty hard to do that when she is in the hospital and doesn’t feel good.

I am hoping that next week will be a better week and we will do some fun things together.

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