Just more of the same–W3D4

Got up early to start all over again today; were there early and set up with no problems. Set up the equipment to stick Carly and Jo came in to make sure I did not need help.  I got the needles in without any problem, but the arterial needle really hurt Carly and she was yelling and I couldn’t fix the problem.  I got so upset because she was hurting and I could do nothing to help her.  IMG_0756


My head knows that sticking her will hurt and that dialysis treatment is painful at times.  I knew that I had done nothing to cause her pain, it was simply the site of the needle that had struck a nerve.  Jo had a hard time fixing the problem, but finally we did get it done and we were ready to start treatment.


The dialysis treatment went on without incident until there was only 13 minutes left.  I had to call Jo back in because we were out of dialysate and had to end the treatment early.  It was not a big deal, we just ended early.  Taking her needles out was uneventful.

After treatment, we went to the house for lunch–we ate big salads.  Then we rested for an hour before going to meet her new PCP.  All I can say is I have never been so tired of going to see doctors and I am not even the patient!  I can’t imagine how tired Carly must be.  She is a miracle and a wonder to me.


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