Secrets of Multilevel Marketing’s Top Sellers

You may or may not know that one of my businesses is a network marketing business. This article, “Secrets of Multilevel Marketing’s Top Sellers” is just a quick look into some of the people who have succeeded in this type of business. I joined my current company back in August of 2016 and continue working on this today.

I love the company and the people I get to mingle with in this company and in this business.  If you ever find yourself depressed and hopeless, find a MLM event to go to. You will be in a huge room full of happy, excited, and cheerful people.  You simply cannot stay depressed or down in such company.

My products include weight loss capsules that are all natural–no harsh chemicals.  There is an anti-aging face cream made from natural products that leaves your skin supple and youthful; a wrinkle removing face cream that gets rid of those small wrinkles in a matter of minutes.  There is a liquid sleep aid that not only helps you get to sleep and stay asleep, but also contains fat-burning herbs to help you lose weight while you sleep.  There is an energy drink that is full of electrolytes, natural sources of energy and no harsh chemicals. The newest product just unveiled is a protein drink and I can’t wait to get my hands on it to try.

If you read this article, you will meet several people who are making MLM work for them. The complaint from people who have tried MLM and failed in the past is that no one really makes money and it doesn’t work.  When I talk to people who tell me this, I always ask them what they did to try to make their business a success and usually they tell me they talked to a few people and made a couple of calls and it didn’t work.

While it is true that many people fail at MLM, the problem does not lie with the program or company.  The true problem lies with the person who thought MLM was a get rich quick scheme and they didn’t have to do anything to make money.  The truth of the matter is that MLM is a business–you own your own business–and it requires lots of hard work and dedication to become successful.  The upside is that you can start your own business for a very small amount of money and a lot of elbow grease effort.

This article outlines a few successes that figured out how to make the program work for them.  When you read it, you will see that they worked very hard to get their success.  MLM is not for everyone, but if you are interested in learning more about my business, please let me know or go to my website: and watch a five minute video about this company.


Secrets of Multilevel Marketing’s Top Sellers

It’s a tough business and a crowded market, but these women are succeeding. How?

We’ve all known at least one. That friend who wants to tell you about the new company that changed her life or the one new product you just have to try.

Multilevel marketing companies know them, too, and they count on their army of sellers to turn their friends, family, and social networks into buyers. And it’s worked — MLMs like Avon and Amway have been around for decades.

In general, this is how multilevel marketing (sometimes called direct marketing) companies are structured: Aspiring sellers (often referred to as consultants or stylists) buy into a company either through purchasing inventory they then have to sell or through an educational program after which they are required to meet monthly, yearly, or quarterly sales goals. Most also have “team leader,” “coach,” or “mentor” aspects to the business, whereby consultants build teams of sellers and a percentage of their team’s profits trickle up.

It’s a highly competitive business model, especially in areas like fashion and beauty, which are already saturated markets. Many who sign up with MLMs — often with the hope of owning their own business and having control over their schedule — don’t find the level of success they hoped for. (It’s one reason why some direct-marketing companies, especially those dependent on massive buy-ins from hopeful sellers who ultimately end up holding the bag, have been accused of running pyramid schemes.)

But with for some multilevel marketing companies — those with relatively low buy-ins, reasonable sales requirements, and financial motivation to help sellers succeed — there’s a real chance for participants to see that promise of more money, more freedom, and more fulfilling work come true.

We spoke with a handful of women (and one man!) who are killing it at some of the more popular and rapidly growing direct-marketing companies to get a sense of who they are and how they became top earners at their companies.

Read the success stories here.

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Changing things up around here!

Well, I have decided that I need to be changing things up around here, again.  Now that my daughter is through her ordeal and I have returned to life as I remember it before she became so ill, I think it is time to give this little blog some much needed organization and focus.  So, in changing things up around here, this is what I have decided on for now.  If this doesn’t work for you, my readers, then please let me know.

On Sundays beginning in September, I will post about my network marketing business or my affiliate marketing businesses.  I will be posting interesting articles as well as personal stuff about how my businesses are doing.  I will be adding useful information for anyone who may be thinking about either of these two types of businesses but just doesn’t know what to do.  I will be posting really good, usable information that I have figured out myself or that I finally found out through a mentor!

Mondays will continue to be my personal stuff–my artwork, painting, crafts I am in the middle of, etc.  I need to have a day to talk about my struggle with getting back into daily painting and crafting.  I don’t know why this is such a struggle for me because I love doing both things.

Thursdays will be articles about creativity with my personal ideas about them.  I have found numerous great books and online sources to help you develop your own creativity to the max.  I don’t think there is enough emphasis placed on developing creativity in your life and the benefits that can bring you.  With creativity comes improved work flow, better relaxation activities, educational opportunities, and fun!

Saturdays will be for craft articles and how-to’s.  I will only post things that have directions for you to be able to complete the craft.  I will be doing some of these crafts myself, so when I can I will post my thoughts about both the outcome and the directions given.  I will also show you pictures of my completed craft so you can compare it to your own.

I think that will keep me plenty busy and give you quite a lot of information to read or instructions to try.  Again, if this line-up doesn’t suit you, please let me know.

Just a finishing note:  I finished painting my lady and will post a picture of her here.  I got tired of messing with her so I just quit and said I was done.  You tell me what you think, please.

Changing things up around here


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My newest effort at painting

After my last post, I made myself promise to get in there and paint!  So today I spent some time in there working on a picture.  Just playing around, but I was painting!  My newest effort at painting is a girl’s face.  She will have long hair and I think I will add flowers to the picture with napkins or magazine pictures.

I feel pretty good to have finally done some painting.  I have discovered one problem though.  My cat wants to sit on top of my palette or on top of the wet painting.  I had the devil of a time convincing her to move and stay off the paint.  It’s like she likes getting paint all over her feet.  I don’t understand it, but I do know that it’s typical cat behavior to want to lie on whatever you are doing.  She is still an adolescent, so I just kept moving her off the spot and scolding her until she got the point.

Here is what I started with:

My newest effort at painting

That was what I left last night when I just put paint on the paper before I went to bed.  So, today I worked on her face.  I only have a couple of layers of paint down, but she is starting to shape up nicely.

My newest effort at painting

Then she morphed into this:

My newest effort at painting

My sister was very quick to point out that she needs some eyelashes.  I am still working on adding layers to her face and putting shading in where it needs to be.  Once that is done, I will worry about her eyelashes!  I can’t decide what color to make her long hair yet, but maybe by tomorrow I will have narrowed it down to a specific color.

Anyway, that is my newest effort at painting.  I just have to keep telling myself that it is only paper and I am only practicing.  It does not have to be perfect.  I am just learning and relearning what I lost by not practicing for so long.

I am having more ideas that I want to try out, so maybe I am getting back into the swing of daily art.

Does anyone else have this much trouble getting started painting?


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Trouble finding time for painting?

Since I have finally gotten back home and now have time to do the things I want to do, I am having trouble finding time for painting!  I have eight months of tasks that have backed up and I am working feverishly toward catching up.  This week it has been getting my dogs taken care of and current on all things.  The week before it was getting the house back in order.

My goal has always been to paint something, anything, daily–but I seem to have trouble finding time for painting.  I either procrastinate or simply look up and it is time to go to bed.  I love painting.  I have a great place to do my painting.  I just can’t seem to find the time to do anything that resembles painting.

trouble finding time for painting

I have everything set up and accessible for painting.  I use a third bedroom for my studio, so I can leave things setting out and ready to go.  I have watched quite a few art/painting videos while I was in Dallas, so I have inspiration.  Now, I just have to figure out how to find time.  Would it be best if I paint first thing in the morning?  My dogs will have strokes if I make them wait too long for their daily walk.  Would it be best to paint right after my afternoon nap?  I’m old, I need a nap most days.  Should I wait and paint in the evening?  I am usually all out of energy and pizzazz by then.  I will just have to keep trying out new times every day until I hit on the best one for me, I guess.

Does anyone else have this problem?  I love getting, buying, ordering painting supplies.  I drool over art catalogs.   I seem to be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to painting and art supplies.  You never know when you may need a specific thing for your art work and what if you threw that specific thing away?

Maybe I am just being too hard on myself by expecting to get everything organized and going the way I want it to go when I have just been home less than a month.  Maybe I should learn to be patient.  Patience has never ever been a strong suit for me!

How do you find the time in your busy day to paint?  I’d really love to hear how you handle this problem.


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Here’s more to Carly’s story!

Carly's story

my baby almost died!

Ok, where was I.  I think I left off when Carly’s story was her almost bleeding out and dying.  Glad that is over and done with!  She recovered, thank God!  If you remember, before they sent her to rehab, they took out all but one line from her.  They left her midline IV because she is so hard to stick and they needed her to be on IV meds for a few more days.

Well, a few more days turned into another few weeks and guess what happened?  Right on!  She developed a systemic infection.  Because of her anti-rejection medication and the steriods, she has no immune system to speak of so she is the go-to girl for nasty bugs in the hospital!  She had bacterial and fungal infection throughout her entire body.  Just great.

At this point, I wasn’t sure if the doctors at Baylor were trying to help her or kill her; but their care was certainly not getting her any better.  They called in the Infectious Disease doctor who put her on every antibiotic known to man and every fungicide available.  She had bags of IV fluid hanging round the clock.  One of the side effects of this treatment was to put her new kidney to sleep to try to protect itself.  So they were pumping her full of fluid and nothing was coming out.  She got swollen up like a balloon!  By the time they were ready to stop treating her for infection, she was almost 100 pounds overweight with fluid.

Of course, when she is over volume, the fluid goes directly into her lung space.  Consequently, she started having trouble breathing.  That got worse and worse until the doctors finally listened to us and put her on IV diuretics to pull fluid off of her.  However, the flip side is that the IV meds hurt her kidney more and more.  We were in a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” spot.

The kidney doctor finally decided to continue the IV diuretics while monitoring her kidney function very closely.  It took quite a long time to pull all that fluid off her, but we did finally get her down to her dry weight and her kidney continued to work and get better once the medications were stopped.  Remarkably, she could breathe, too!

At the middle of July, she was finally released from the hospital only to attend liver and kidney clinics weekly.  We had to stay in Dallas for these visits.  We were so bummed out.  We both wanted to go home badly!  Finally, she was released from liver clinic and only has to go back yearly to see them.  Yea!  Kidney clinic, not so quick.  She continued to go to kidney clinic twice a week for a couple of more weeks.

The kidney clinic discovered via X-Ray that she has a right sided pleural effusion and they wanted her to see the lung doctor in Dallas.  We convinced them that we could get follow-up in OKC and they let us go home.  Hallelujah!  We drove to OKC as fast as we could get out of Dallas.

Now home, she sees her PCP and was referred to a lung doctor who got her an X-Ray, a CT scan, and an ultrasound done.  We are awaiting her decision about what is next with this issue.  In the meantime, Carly is off oxygen except when she sleeps.  That is a major milestone.

Her abdominal wound has healed up so much that now the wound care doctor wants to schedule a skin graft so she can be done with it.  Carly is on-board with this because she is so over all of this by now!

That is the end of her story so far.  Here’s hoping it really is the end of Carly’s story about getting sick and getting a transplant.

Carly's story

My beautiful daughter today!

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New artwork from me…

I am still somewhat raw from yesterday’s post, so today I thought I would post new artwork from me.  As I said in an earlier post, I am still struggling to get back into practice of doing new artwork regularly.  I have made some headway, but I still haven’t gotten back to daily artwork yet.

Anyway, here are pictures of the last three things I have done, just to get my feet back in the water.  I am really rusty and I am finding that painting new artwork is more difficult than I remember.  However, I believe that old maxim: “Practice makes perfect.”  So I will keep pushing forward until I am making new artwork daily and it is much easier for me to do.

The first picture is of a garden lady done with acrylics, paper napkins, and pen:

new artwork

lady with flowers

The second picture is my first attempt at negative painting:

new artwork

flowers in a pot

The last picture is my attempt to paint the koi fish from the youtube video:

new artwork

koi fish in a pond

The lady was difficult because I am not used to putting napkins or paper on my work so really I was learning how to do that.  The flowers started out as a big mess on the paper and then I painted over it to isolate my flowers.  It was an interesting lesson and one I will repeat in the future.  It gives the artists lots of freedom to paint what they see on the page without worry that it be perfect.  The koi fish turned out much better than expected.  First of all, they were much easier than I imagined.  Secondly, they were so happy once they showed up on the paper!

I hope to finish Carly’s story soon, but for now the emotional weight is too much for me to bear.  I know she has a happy ending, so for that I am eternally grateful.

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Hopefully, the end of Carly’s health Saga!

Ok, I am now ready to finish my youngest daughter, Carly’s health saga.  I had to go back and read the last few entries so I would know where to pick up the story.  I have thought about how much and what I want to include.  I know that for some this has been TMI, too much information, but there are many people out there who are going through similar situations and I wanted to put Carly’s full story here for them to be able to read–complete with the good, the bad, and the very ugly!

My last post ends with Carly being moved to the rehab across the street from Baylor Hospital.  We did not like it there.  It was like a nursing home and she spent most of her time alone in a room.  Yes, she had treatments, but afternoons were empty.  I spent most of my time sitting up in her room with her trying to keep her spirits up.

After about a week in rehab, Carly began to hemorrhage from her rectum and was taken back to Baylor via ambulance.  She was admitted to the ICU, again, where she continued to bleed despite everything they tried to do to stop it.  On the second day she became really scared and then she was not really aware of what was going on, but I was.  That night, Carly’s nurse was an angel sent from God.  I mean that literally and figuratively.  I watched Elizabeth work feverishly trying to save my daughter’s life as she bled out.  Liz hung bag after bag of packed whole red blood cells, she hung albumin, she hung fluids in a non-stop manner.  I think I saw her hang up to 10 bags of blood during her 12 hour shift, sometimes four at a time.   All the while, she was taking telephone orders from the doctor, helping the nurse practitioners place a central line and going with Carly to Interventional Radiology for a procedure.  She calmly and quietly changed my daughter every 10-15 minutes to keep her skin out of all the blood.  I was in shock because as a nurse I knew what was at stake.

At IR, they found a bleed and clipped it and it slowed down the bleeding considerably, however, she still kept bleeding.  At 4am, Dr. Kim came in and took her back to IR for an exploratory look into her colon.  There they found a huge hole in her colon wall that was attached to one of the arteries, so it was still gushing blood.  They clipped that hole up and fixed the torn artery and her bleeding stopped.

Back at ICU, Liz continued to pump volume and blood back into my daughter’s depleted body.  I honestly don’t think Carly would have lived if she had not had Liz as her nurse.  All I know is when her shift was over, she came and hugged me and cried with me.  The last thing she said was I will be praying for Carly.  So, this might have been the worst night of my life because my daughter was literally dying in front of me and I could do nothing about it.  I did pray and thanked God for Elizabeth many times during the night.

Her bleeding stopped.  She pinked up with all the blood and fluid Liz had pushed into her.  She became aware again.  She started to get better. After two days in ICU, she got moved back to the floor where she continued to improve.

This is not the end of the story.  This post is already too long.  I will post more about this next time.  Just writing about it has given me shivers.  Let me end with a picture of what my daughter looks like today–that should lighten up your mood!

Carly's health saga


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Doodling in a sketchbook

Today I have been doodling in my sketchbook.  I know I said that I would post today about the end of the saga with my daughter, and I will post it, just not today.  I wanted to share with you my progress, as I try to get myself back into the swing of things and get my art back on line.

One of the things to improve your skill and to expand your creativity is to sketch in a book.  I don’t really like drawing, but am able to hold my own when I do.  I recently read a blog post about using doodles to fill your sketchbook and I thought I might try that.  So, I filled an entire page with doodled flowers in ink and then I took my watercolor pen brushes and started painting some of the flowers in bright colors.  It is really quite nice and I think I will continue this habit.

Today, I also got my first layer of paint down for my koi fish.  I have plenty of work to do still, but at least I got started!  I will try to post a picture when I get it done and let you tell me how I did.  Painting these fish is quite a bit easier than I expected, but I discovered that I don’t have all the right colors of paint, so I had to improvise.

I plan to continue with my daily doodling to help me get my creativity juices flowing again.  I really think that will help me a lot.  Just doodling that one page got me to at least start my practice painting.  Up until today, I have been procrastinating getting started.

Here is a picture of the black and white doodle:

doodling, art, painting

Here is a picture of the color version so far:

colored doodling, art, painting

I am using some watercolor brush pens I ordered online.  They are interesting and easy to use, so I think I will keep them in my “go” bag with my sketchbook and watercolors that I can take with me outside.  Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to today.

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Getting back into painting

I am having a hard time getting back into painting, drawing and such.  After two and a half years of taking care of my daughter, I now find myself with time to do the things I want to do; but the funny thing is that I keep procrastinating for some reason.  Maybe I am just out of the habit.  So I am slowly getting into doodling, painting, art journaling and doll making again.

Tonight, I doodled a page in my sketchbook full of flowers that I might get my watercolor pen brushes out and add color to.  I have a tentative sketch for a painting–not on canvas but on gessoed paper.  I found a video of a person painting koi fish and I think I will try to do the same painting for practice.  Here is the video:

I really enjoyed her style and the ease with which she painted this painting.  I know my own will be no where close to hers, but I think practice is good and if I keep practicing daily, I will have to get better.

I also have been watching videos about art journaling and I am intrigued by the concept.  There are so many different kinds of art journals to choose from.  I haven’t decided what exactly will be my journal yet, but I am determined to get started.  Again, practice can only improve my skill set, so why not?

I watched several “Bob’s Blast” videos by Robert Burridge.  I love his use of color and the spontaneity he exudes.  His paintings are not really my style, but when you see them you just feel his energy and the fun he had making them.  I think he has several tips to teach me and I am willing to learn from him.

Anyway, that’s what is happening here.  In my next post, I will finish the story of my daughter’s transplant saga so I can be done with it here.

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Artist’s hacks Video

Here is a you tube video with cool hacks you need to know if you are an artist or just aspire to be one.  Some are self evident, but some are pretty neat.


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