Make Your Life and Work a Work of Art

Once again I am concentrating on creativity and what being creative means in your life.  I really liked this article about how to make your life and work a work of art.  I really like her approach.

I had never really thought much about how art and being artistic had affected my life up to now, but it has.  Through learning art and being “arty”, I have learned how to find my flow in many areas of my life.  I loved when she said to slow down and enjoy the process as a way to find your flow.  I know this to be absolutely true.

Please read this article, it’s not very long, and reflect on how art and creativity have affected your life as well.


Make Your Life and Work a Work of Art

Have you ever thought of your life as a work of art?

How we choose what we do, and how we approach it…will determine whether the sum of our days adds up to a formless blur, or to something resembling a work of art.
—Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Sometimes it seems that my life is a formless blur, especially when I lose my focus in a flurry of chaotic busyness, and I’m plagued by a steady stream of necessary yet unenjoyable tasks that don’t seem to get finished, stalling creative projects that would give me a lot more satisfaction…if only I could get to them. This isn’t art; this is a tedious mess! And worse, I’ve lost my flow!

Art for me is soul food. Art-making is meditation in action. It nourishes my craving for beauty, clarity and harmony. By beauty, I mean aesthetics, that is, the beauty of meaning-making, when all the parts come together to create a whole, or when clues are combined to solve a mystery. It’s about finding elegant solutions to problems we face. It’s the profound simplicity we discover on the other side of complexity, once we’ve dug through our messes.


One of my first influences in art was my grade school teacher Fritz Brandtner, a well-known and influential artist in Montreal who encouraged us to make abstract art. (Brandtner’s painting on the left was done in 1955)

Abstract art-making has taught me to distill the world around me into its essential components, and get to the heart of the matter. This has become an important problem-solving skill in business and life in general.

“A work of art is always a condensation of complex reality. So art can be a means through which one learns to perceive an intricate solution through a simplified image.”
—  Dr Thomas Bechtler, Director of Credit Suisse Group (ADR)

How can you bring more artistry into life and work?


Artists begin their work with intention and purpose. They have some idea about the end product they want to create, whether it is a song, a poem, a painting or a movie. A student filmmaker I know made the mistake of shooting a film with cast and crew before he had worked out his script. What happened? Endless re-shoots, wasted time and effort, and a mess of film to edit into some kind of cohesion. He learned clarity of purpose  keeps creativity on track.

Read the rest of this article here.

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What I have been up to for the last two weeks!

This is supposed to be the day I post my art and any craft I may be in the middle of; however, due to no control on my part, I have not had any time to do anything like that.  Let me explain.  Here’s what I have been up to.

On October 3, my sister had a total knee replacement and since we live together, I was the designated caretaker for her.  Since her surgery, I have been waiting on her hand and mouth since she is pretty limited in what she is able to do for herself.  Then on top of healing from surgery, she became deathly sick with a urinary tract infection. So I was busy carrying her back and forth to doctors and labs in addition to everything else.  So since October 3, I have not done one thing that I usually do.

What I have been up to

Then, as if that is not enough, my youngest, Carly, was scheduled for skin graft surgery on October 13.  This is an important event for her as it marks the end of this horrid trip we have been on for the last 2 years.  The skin graft will cover the very last part of her abdominal wound and make it so she can start exercising to rebuild strength in her core.  I had to be there for her this last time, so I got up at 3AM and drove to OKC and spent the morning with her at the hospital.  When she was moved to a room, I got her something decent to eat and a good snack for later, then I drove back to Tulsa to care for my sister.

It has been difficult to manage having two people that need care from me at a time, but we did it and it is over.  Carly’s surgery was beautiful and she is already feeling fine and talking about going to work again.  My sister was put on a heavy-duty antibiotic and is finally starting to feel better.  I am hoping that on the 23rd, when she goes for her follow-up with the surgeon, he will say she is released and able to care for herself again.


Anyway, I am praying that this is the end of the health saga and the beginning of having my life back to normal.  I miss going to my exercise class and I miss going to my new church.  I was just finally getting into a routine here in Tulsa and I miss it.

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Here’s How to Fix Your Facebook Ads When They’re Not Working

Sunday we talk about business.  As a network marketer, I am using social media to reach new target audiences all the time.  I use Facebook ads occasionally, but I find my results are pretty much hit-or-miss because I don’t think I really understand completely the dynamics of this platform.

All business, whether online or brick-and-mortar, depend on traffic. That is simply a fact.  So as a network marketer, you need to learn about and understand all the ways you can increase your traffic.  Facebook is by far the largest platform available to you, but not the only one.   Most of us decide to use Facebook ads because we are familiar with Facebook in general.  The problem is that Facebook for personal use and Facebook for business use are very different and require different approaches.

Below is an article I found on PostPlanner that is educational and informative about using Facebook ads and what to do if your ads are not working the way you want them to work.  Facebook as a platform is more involved than we think and there are a myriad of ways to “tweak” your ads to improve performance.

I found this article to be helpful in explaining what I was doing wrong and in telling me exactly what I needed to do to change my outcomes.  I hope you find the information useful, too.


Here’s How to Fix Your Facebook Ads When They’re Not Working

facebook ads


Peter Dulay is a conversion expert with over 10 years of experience in digital advertising and conversion. He has helped many startups and fortune 500 companies to boost their conversion by 400% and more.

With 2 billion worldwide users, and a robust advertising platform, Facebook presents a huge opportunity for marketers to reach a large audience in a targeted manner.

But, for those new to the platform, or who don’t have the knowledge to navigate the complicated system, advertising on Facebook can be a frustrating experience.

If your Facebook ads aren’t working, don’t sulk.  There is a way to fix your ads and increase the click-through rate (CTR), engagement, and conversions.

Before you throw good money after bad, take a moment to troubleshoot your strategy, and ad content to make sure your ads start delivering.

Here’s How to Fix Your Facebook Ads When They’re Not Working

1. Audience Selection Too Narrow Or Too Broad

Facebook advertising is supposed to be a marketer’s dream come true, with its vast database and the capability to segment your audience based not only on demographics, but also on interests, behaviors, preferences, and more.

However, it could also be your downfall if you aren’t careful with your audience selection.

When your audience selection is too narrow, you run the risk of exhausting the segment too quickly, and driving up your cost per click. Not to mention, you may omit key individuals by narrowing the location or demographics too much.

On the other hand, if your audience selection is too broad, you aren’t serving your ad to people who’d actually be interested in your offer. Again, you could drive up the cost per click because of a poor audience-message match, or you risk paying for clicks that won’t convert to leads or customers.

Read the rest of this article here.

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Skull Candlesticks

It seems that I am enamored of crafting with “skulls” this year for Halloween.  I showed you my front door wreath with skull and now I am posting this tutorial for making your own Halloween decoration skull candlesticks.

What would we crafters do without The Dollar Store?  It seems that you can find the very best craft items there and for $1 each.  I love it.

Anyway, I hope you try this tutorial and post pictures of your results so we can all enjoy them!


Skull Candlesticks


These skull candlesticks are quick, easy and they look cool too! And the best part, they are super affordable!

From the Dollar Tree we have glitter skulls $1 each and a 2 pack of battery powered tealight candles $1 for the pack. The wooden candlesticks are from a thrift store and paid a whole 74 cents for the set!

Here’s how we did it! First painted the wooden candlesticks black with paint we already had. When dry we hot glued the glitter skulls to the candlesticks. Trace the tealight on top of the skull and carefully use a box cutter blade to cut it out! Take out pieces of skull to make way for your tealight. If you make a couple of X cuts in the area you want to remove the pieces come out easier.  (Read the rest of this tutorial here.)

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Creativity and artistry is about breaking the rules

Thursday is the day I get to explore creativity and artistry.  I found this article online and it was very interesting.  I like the way he looks at the way art has been changed in the minds and hearts of everyone when an artist breaks the rules to make his or her art.

I also like that he applies his theory to all kinds of art, not just painting.  He talks about movies much the same way as he talks about painting.  While I may not agree with him entirely, I have to say I find his theory thought provoking and stimulating.

Where do artists get their ideas.  It is true that there is nothing new under the sun, so we must accept that their ideas must come from others in their sphere of influence.  These new ideas may only be looking at the situation from another perspective and coming up with something totally new and different.  This I can agree with.

Won’t you please read this article and then let me know what you think about this theory?


Creativity and artistry is about breaking the rules, says BBC’s Will Gompertz

by Emily TanMay 19, 2017

Creativity and artistry

There is no machine on the planet that can do what every one of us in this room can do. Step out of time and place, think of an idea and realise it, according to the BBC’s art editor Will Gompertz.

“We are amazing at being creative, it is our USP,” Gompertz said today (19 May) at Media360, and went on to challenge a number of the misconceptions about art by highlighting the many occasions great artists broke the rules.

Starting with Charles Baudelaire, who said it was time artists stopped painting history and mimicking the great masters, and started painting the world around them.

“This led to Edouard Manet’s Olympia, his version of Titian’s Venus. But, Venus was a goddess and Manet’s Olympia was a hooker. It was the first truly modern painting when artists took on the life of today rather than the life of the past,” Gompertz said.

“Brainstorms are bollocks. There are no original ideas, just ideas with an origin. All creativity is based on theft.” Will Gompertz

Read more here.

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Made a new Halloween wreath–made it bigger!

As I have posted last week, I made a lovely Halloween wreath but it was quite small due to the availability of only small bases.  It turned out nicely and I had it on my door, but the more I looked at it the more I was unsatisfied.  So, off to Michael’s I go in search of a larger wreath base.  I decided to make a new Halloween wreath, only make it bigger.

 New Halloween wreath

I live in Tulsa, OK and the Michael’s I usually go to was destroyed a few months back by a tornado.  I expected that to be fixed by now, so that is where I headed.  Lo and behold!!! the place is still boarded up and fenced off.  I didn’t even know how to get to any of the other Michael’s in Tulsa so I went home.

The next day, after googling to find just where I needed to go, I head off to another Michael’s location.  OMG!!! I spent over 2 hours there just going up and down each aisle because this place is HUGE.  It has stock I have never seen before in a Michael’s.  I almost forgot to get my grapevine wreath base.  Picked one up on the way out and got 50% off!  Yea!


New Halloween Wreath

Came home and made my new wreath.  The best part was that I had all the fixin’s left over so no trip back to the Dollar Store.  Good thing because I had blown my spending money at Michael’s.  Anyway, this wreath was made the using the same steps as the other, so you should be able to make it if you want using that tutorial.

New Halloween wreath

Let me know how you like it.  Send me pictures of your Halloween wreath this year if you think about it.  I love how creative people get with this holiday and hope to see some really fantastic wreaths this Halloween.



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The Time-Proven & Authoritative Network Marketing Invitation Script – Eric Worre’s Formula Revealed!

Sunday is the day to post about business–in this case network marketing.  So today we focus on invitation as a new skill.

I know I have said before how I love this business, but I want to make it clear to anyone thinking about joining a network marketing company, there is a lengthy learning curve and you have to be willing to be taught how to do the work required to make any money.  That said, the upside is that you will make money slowly at first, then as you improve your new skills, you will begin to make more and more.

The people you will meet will be genuine and will want you to be successful.  You will see that you have surrounded yourself with happy, positive people who will be willing to be supportive of you as you are learning your new skills.  And–be sure you attend any event that your company holds.  It is truly a unique experience and one you will enjoy.

This article below focuses on the invitation process which is the most basic new skill you will have to learn.  Reading this information here, you will see that inviting can be broken down into steps that are easy to learn.  The hard part will be making yourself do it.

There is a second part to this article, so be sure you read this one entirely and then click over to read the second part!


The Time-Proven & Authoritative Network Marketing Invitation Script – Eric Worre’s Formula Revealed!


In this article, we have set the stage for you to learn the formula for the network marketing invitation process from the Network Marketing Professional himself, Eric Worre.

My grandfather, God rest his soul, taught me to never stop educating myself, so being the humble man that I am, I will be the first to accept any advice from Eric or any other network marketing professionals for prospecting and gathering leads.

From my previous article written on October 8th, you learned that there are 4 Time-Proven Rules for Network Marketing Success.

These 4 rules were as follows… you must emotionally detach yourself from the outcome, be yourself during communication, have passion in what you do, and have a strong posture (if you need a refresher, visit the link above.)

Prepare Yourself for the 8 steps that are going to Skyrocket your home-based business, as stated by the Network Marketing Pro himself!

This formula can be used on the phone or face to face. It is NOT recommended to be used for texting, email or any other non-verbal communications… ONLY on the phone or face to face.

Now that we have that clear, this formula can work for your warm market prospects and cold market prospects… I will give you Eric Worre’s examples for both.

There ARE 8 Steps in the Professional Marketing Invitation

The following steps might sound complicated, but with a little practice, you will find it is an easy skill to master.

Step 1: Be in a Hurry!

Read the rest of this article here.

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Since I have been making wreaths this last week, I decided I should give you a tutorial for making another kind of Halloween wreath.  This one is so cute and would really look good as decoration for a Halloween party!

I think I just may try this one for myself and put it in my window for Halloween.

I hope you are busy crafting for this wonderful holiday.  I love making Halloween decorations; it is so much fun and there is an endless array of possibilities that you can make.

Please try this out for yourself and post a picture in the comments so I can see it.



Halloween wreaths are the perfect addition to your home decor! Learn how to make a Halloween wreath with cupcake wrappers, which is perfect for mantel or hanging in your home. You will find a step by step DIY tutorial below for your cupcake wrapper wreath. Have fun!Halloween wreath


This Halloween wreath is made from cupcake wrappers! Its so easy to do while you sit and watch tv and because cupcake wrappers are so readily available, you can customize a whole lot of them for very occasion.

Before you get started, you will need the following items.

How to make a Halloween wreath with cupcake wrappers, which is perfect for mantel or hanging in your home. You will find a step by step DIY tutorial below for your cupcake wrapper wreath. Have fun!

Please note before making your wreath: Products above will cover the inside, front and outside of wreath, but NOT the back. If you are hanging your wreath where both sides will be seen and it will not be flat against a door or window, please double the amount of wrappers you need.

Now, visit her site for the complete tutorial.


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Innovation, Invention, Creativity and Artistry are not the same

Today we once again get to talk about creativity.  This article I found online is useful but geared more toward business than individual use.  I went ahead and posted it here because of his definitions of each of the areas–Innovation, Invention, Creativity, and Artistry.

I may not agree with these definitions, but I do think it is useful to be thinking of these areas separately.  It is always a good thing to get straight in your mind the language you are or will be using.  We throw around words like confetti, never mind the actual definitions of said words.  It is good to get back to the basics of defining our words to enrich our speech.  So read these definitions of innovation, invention, creativity, and artistry as this author sees them.

Please read this article.  It is pretty short, but has interesting ideas to use as a jumping off place in your own journey for creativity.  Let me know what you think about this man’s definitions, won’t you?


Innovation, Invention, Creativity and Artistry are not the same

Last night I was at an event where I woman said, “I want to get in touch with my creativity. I used to paint and play music, but no longer do that.”

This got me thinking about how we throw around a lot of terms with no real clarity around what they mean.

Here are four terms that people use interchangeably.

  1. Invention, from my perspective, invention is the creation of something that previously was not in existence. The focus is not on commercial value but rather on novelty.
  2. Innovation, on the other hand, is an end-to-end process that starts with a specific problem, challenge or opportunity and results in commercial value (however that is defined for the organization).

Read the rest of this article here.

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Made a Halloween Wreath!

I have been watching so many Halloween decorating videos that I got inspired to try my hand at making my own version of a Halloween wreath.  So, first I went off to my favorite Dollar Tree to find all the fixin’s.

Halloween wreath

Dollar Tree is the greatest!

Next I had to think about exactly what I wanted to do with all this glorious stuff.  The wreath base is considerably smaller than I would have wanted, but it will have to do because I am not going to Michael’s to spend all my money!  After watching a particular video, I decided how I wanted mine to look.

  1. So I started by gluing the hanging ribbon on both sides of the base.
  2. Once that was done to my standards, I started by gluing one end of the garland to the base and then wrapping it around and around and around until it was covered.  (It took one and a half garlands to do this step)
  3. Next, I glued black and purple roses to the top of my skull.
  4. Then I glued the skull in place, being careful that I can still turn it on and off by hand.
  5. I finished by gluing one of the skeletons from the garland onto the side; I glued a black bat and lots of ugly spiders everywhere!


Halloween wreath

So, what do you think?  I think it turned out quite nicely.  Now I just have to remember to turn that skull on and off!  All in all, I had a great time making a Halloween wreath.

Here’s the video I watched to get inspired:

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