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Trouble finding time for painting?

Search AmazonProduct SearchSince I have finally gotten back home and now have time to do the things I want to do, I am having trouble finding time for painting!  I have eight months of tasks that have backed up and … Continue reading

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Doodling in a sketchbook

Search AmazonProduct SearchToday I have been doodling in my sketchbook.  I know I said that I would post today about the end of the saga with my daughter, and I will post it, just not today.  I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Artist’s hacks Video

Search AmazonProduct SearchHere is a you tube video with cool hacks you need to know if you are an artist or just aspire to be one.  Some are self evident, but some are pretty neat.  

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Is this a day off?

Search AmazonProduct Search Monday we had no dialysis to do. It is a skip day. Instead we went to the hospital so Carly could get an EGD done. She has this procedure done every 3 months to prevent blood loss … Continue reading

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Time to Rethink!

Search AmazonProduct SearchAfter much thought, I have decided that I have bitten off more than I can chew with my self-imposed schedule of blogging topics. Although these are the topics I intend to continue to blog about, it seems that … Continue reading

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Here’s my latest work in progress

Search AmazonProduct SearchI’ve been concentrating more on sketching and pastel work.  I have made myself sketch regularly in my sketchbook and I keep telling myself that I am supposed to be “playing” in my book.  I am usually so inhibited … Continue reading

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