Taking imagination seriously

Today we explore creativity and where it comes from, how to get it, what to do with it once you do get it.  In this video, you learn about the part imagination plays in developing your creative side.  Imagination, the realm of children, is very important to us all and unfortunately we lose ours as we age.

Here is the story of an artist who finds herself without her tools to create her art.  She has to use her imagination to find a new way to express herself artistically and by doing so has experienced greater success and happiness than she ever imagined.

Please watch this TED talk from Janet Echelman.  Her work is so unbelievably beautiful and so unconventional!  This is truly a story about taking imagination seriously.  It is only 10 minutes of your time, but I believe you will come away with a new appreciation for your own imagination and will begin to listen to your inner child more.

I think this video is a wonderful example of finding your own true creative self and then ignoring all obstacles, making something beautiful.  I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

Janet Echelman: Taking imagination seriously



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