Been busy making wreaths again!

I love December.  It is the perfect time to make wreaths.  I needed to be working on my Christmas cards today, but as you will see, I made wreaths instead!

I finally finished the wreath I was making for my sister’s granddaughter.  It turned out really pretty.  I hope she likes it.

wreaths wreaths



The first pic is blurry, but the second one shows how it looks hanging on the door.  She loves purple so I hope this makes her happy!

Once finished with her wreath, I decided to make a Christmas wreath from and idea I found on pinterest.  I really liked the wreath shown and the tutorial was really simple so when I was last at Michaels, I got the ribbon and then got the rest at The Dollar Tree.


This one is really quite nice and I plan to give it to my niece who lives next door.  She likes to decorate her door since we moved in because I give her seasonal wreaths to hang.  I hope she likes this one.  It took about 15 minutes and $4.00 worth of stuff to make!


This wreath is also from that same pinterest photo, but this time I used sequined ribbon to give it some GLITZ!  This one I gave to my oldest daughter since she loves bling!  Same cost here and same places shopped.

I still have one more  wreath to finish and will post it as soon as I am done.  It shouldn’t take very long, so I hope to get to it tomorrow or at least this weekend.  I may keep this one and put it on my own door!

So, what do you think of my handy work?  Seems like a lot, but not really.  Oh, I also burnt my thumb really badly on the star wreath, but luckily I have an aloe plant handy and put that on the burn.  Works like a champ.  I’ll have a blister, but no pain or redness.


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